【N】French Toast for Breakfast!!

Dear Sharon,

Good Morning! Guess what? I finally tried making French toast this morning–remember Mom taught us like…a year ago? lol

In case if you don’t remember the steps (since I know both of us suck at anything cooking-related…:P), I took a few photos while making French toast today 🙂

First off, all you need is: eggs, milk, toasts, and syrup! (obviously a pan and oil too…) Since I don’t have a lot of ingredients at home, this is a perfect breakfast option for me.

Step 1: beat one egg (for 1~2 pieces of toast) and pour it in a plate, add some milk, then dip the toast 🙂 (you can just dip one side if you’d like)

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【N】Turning Stone Casino

Dear Sharon,

你的fair聽起來真的很好玩   謝謝分享啦  我們學校辦的spring fling一定是小很多吧  沒有那麼恐怕的rides

可是那些充氣的溜滑梯還是很好玩  而且主要是社團們都會擺桌子 🙂

還有  Vince手臂上的”壞”我完全沒看出來!

上上禮拜五~上禮拜二我們學校放假  因為是猶太新年 (我們學校猶太人占滿大比例的)

原本我打算要和Benson他們去魁北克玩 (你知道我多想去那邊!!法語區 :)) 可是因為我真的沒時間去玩那麼久  所以就決定照原定計畫和小白他們去玩了個兩天一夜

其實最當初我們是打算去camping的  過原始生活  但是後來小白一直說Nora沒辦法吃苦和怕冷和會叫要回家  加上只有四個人去  就改成去casino resort…最好是啦  我雖然看起來是city girl  其實也超享受大自然好不好…

我們去的casino在Verona, New York, 應該在附近算是小有名氣  因為我有很多朋友都去過/聽說過, 離Binghamton大概兩小時–“Turning Stone Casino Resort”

我們check-in之後  就開車到附近的小沙灘Sylvan Beach  有點失望  哈 看來你姊被南法和邁阿密寵壞了!

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【S】Puyallup Fair

Hi Nora!

Remember how I envied you each year when you went to the Spring Fair at your school? Well, I finally went to one this year. And I guess it’s unbelievable for Americans, but…this was actually my first time going to a “fair” like this. It was a spontaneous decision too, because I thought “well, the weather was good today!” (not so common in Seattle…) and, “I can’t leave the states without having gone to a fair!” (to me this is pretty “American”, because you see a lot of these in movies…right? Haha.) Plus, I just love food, games, and things like this! So, after I woke up this day (September 20th), I dragged the guys to Puyallup (around an hour away from Seattle) with me.

Nothing too extraordinary to write about, but here are some picture- (mostly taken by Yifan; some taken by V; a few taken by Pan or me) Read my captions though!;)

Candid shots! Haha, the first one was when I JUST got off the “Free Fall”. Second one, eating a corn dog…typical American food (I actually didn’t eat much at the fair, surprisingly. Because they were all pretty overpriced, and I didn’t want to throw up in case if I got on more rides!). I wish I look better in candid shots (how do celebrities look SO good ALL-THE-TIME?), but apparently this is how I look most of the time, lol :/

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【S】Adorable cat photos always make my day… :3

Ok I know this is a really random post.

But I just came across these photos that I took of Kiki, my friend’s cat that we took care of for 10 days. I haven’t seen this cat for ages…but just look at the way she sleeps. It makes me laugh every single time, even recently when I feel kind of down.

p’awwwws 🙂

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【N】Life as a DA (Discovery Advisor)

Dear Sharon,

真不好意思  我都沒有怎麼寫  因為我真的不知道要寫什麼 😦
你都有出去玩+去聽有趣的演講/展覽  可是我這兩個禮拜準備開學  所以…
不過我剛剛結束我的DA office hours  所以想說跟你分享關於我在學校的工作吧 🙂

As you know, 我現在還是在校內有兩份工作
一個是在國際學生的office  另一個就是DA (Discovery Advisor)囉!
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【S】Moment vs. Eternity

Hi Nora!

So this is actually a blog post from my old blog (wretch), written on April 30th, 2010. Crazy huh? I’ll probably start putting some of my old blog articles (that I like) on here after a bit editting, since I never really organized them…and I want to keep them here (and hopefully share with more people :))- especially many times after I read it again after a few years, I get something different out of it again. 🙂


但是,你看這篇這張,是在法國羅浮宮拍的耶。當時候看展的我,壓根子沒有想到一年多後的我能到巴黎旅遊吧。:) Continue reading

【S】朱學恒: “正因為夢想難以達成,才如此耀眼”

我和媽媽上個周末去參加朱學恒的演講,主題是關於夢想。那天只為了記錄隨便拍了幾張照片,沒有好好照…TT 但內容很有意思,還是想跟你分享分享 :)

我之前也不知道他是誰,只覺得好像在哪裡聽過,結果發現他滿有名的耶…!而且深深覺得他是一個非常了不起的人!至於他是誰呢?他是”魔戒”的翻譯者(因此賺了3500萬台幣!但很了不起的把這些錢都用來做演講的專費),也是開放式課程(主要是提供國外課程的中文翻譯)的創辦人。你可以去google一下…我剛剛去看了他的Facebook粉絲團,他寫的東西真的很幽默。哈哈哈! Continue reading