【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❹Living like the Local: Your Fun Apartment 有方公寓

I always like to choose “B&Bs” instead of hotels when I travel, especially in Taiwan—there are so many unique B&Bs that make you feel like you can actually live like a “local” for a few days (and isn’t that part of the purpose of traveling?).

Plus, compared to hotels, B&Bs are much more personal, and the hosts always make you feel both cordially welcomed as a guest and warm enough as if it’s your own house. After all, chain hotels are more or less the same around the world, but these B&Bs are one and only—and a lot of times they are more comfortable and beautiful than hotels too!

For the first night, we chose 有方公寓(Your Fun Apartment). Originally, this was just an old house in a tiny alley, but was redesigned into a B&B apartment few years ago. The interior design is sort of a mix between Taiwanese Old House and French style, and apparently many decorations came straight from the second hand markets in France. (So…Nora I’m sure you would be fond of this place :P)

Ok let me go straight into the point—the pros and cons of this B&B and whether or not I’d recommend it☞


  • Service

I have to say, service was great! Well, you might think that most B&Bs have friendly attitudes, but Your Fun really made me feel like they care so much about their guests.

Before I arrived, they called me and told me that the bathroom door is broken, and while they already called someone to fix it, it might delay our check-in time. So, they really, really apologized…and would offer us half price for the room. I was honestly really surprised! I’m not sure if other hotels would do the same…because if they didn’t offer such a discount, I might still had to just accept my lack of luck? But because of their attitude, they left me with a very good impression. ♥

Plus, I realized the door wasn’t a huge problem afterwards, because it’s just a glass door and they still have door curtain between the bathroom and the bed. Anyways, it touched my heart how sweet and thoughtful they are.♥

  • Breakfast

Pictures worth a thousand words :). Not heavenly delicious, but it was light and healthy. Even the bread was good. They also had this kiwi-apple jam, which I thought was pretty interesting. Oh but may I add…even if the breakfast wasn’t good, I probably wouldn’t complain—because there are so many yummy breakfast options in Tainan! Such as Ah-Tsuen Beef Soup 阿村牛肉湯 and Ah-Tang Porridge阿堂鹹粥.

  • Location

Superb location. Very close to Shen-Nong Street 神農街, where many vintage stores and bars are at. Also very close to Zheng-Xing Street 正興街, full of delicious dishes including the salty rice pudding and fish thick soup in Fu Sheng Hao 富盛號, Ah-Tsuen Beef Soup’s 阿村牛肉湯branch store, and ice creams in 蜷尾家甘味處 and IORI Tea House.


  • Room Size

Hehe can you spot V and me in this pic ;)?

We felt like the room was too small. But I wouldn’t complain much because we chose the smallest option (Room A) since our top choice (Room B) was already fully booked during those days. So I’d probably recommend Room B for anyone who’s interested (the interior design seems prettier too, while ours was more of a simple style.)

Our entrance to the room is from the traditional-Taiwanese-style balcony though. Pretty cool. 🙂

  • Sleeping Quality

I’m not sure why their curtains are so…thin, which obviously can’t block the notorious strong sunlight in Tainan. Besides, our room is next to the lobby, and that curtain also couldn’t block enough light from the lobby at night…Solution? Eye mask! But unfortunately, the sound-proof system is pretty poor too. So that night we didn’t sleep well. (But maybe it’d be okay for you Nora? Haha since you’re a much heavier sleeper.)


So would I recommend it? I’d say it’s great for one night stay with a group of friends, especially because it’s so close to the bars and the price is comparatively friendly. I mean, we never really sleep when we go out with friends right? Haha.

how cute are these stamps ♥♥ 🙂

How about you? Would you like to stay in Your Fun Apartment if you get a chance? 🙂



4 thoughts on “【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❹Living like the Local: Your Fun Apartment 有方公寓

  1. Hi 🙂 I read all of your blog entries about tainan, it seems like you really had fun!! and i’m sure it was very meaningful for you because you planned it yourself 🙂

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