【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❻Living like the Local: Old House Inn 謝宅 [pt.2]

(This is Pt 2 of my entry on “Old House Inn”. Please read Part I first for the complete series if you’re interested :))

  • Our Room on the Top Floor

Welcome to our room 😀

A closer look~

view from the floor… 🙂

I think it’s really thoughtful that they provided pads for girls…just in case 🙂

I love this old style water bottle (press system). So easy and fun to use… 😛


We chose to live on the top floor. It was the most expensive option, but I couldn’t resist having an outdoor tub (plus, now that we actually got the whole house, I’d say it’s still a pretty good deal)!

Just imagine, enjoying hot spring while watching stars, and perhaps sipping some wine/beer?

(Well, I recently decided to stop drinking for a while, so I didn’t get to do that. But water was good too…) (And, speaking of stars—they are not anything magnificent compared to many places in the states…but good enough for now since I usually can’t see any stars in Taipei City, haha)

Outdoor Tub

And even though I don’t smoke, I think it would also be a perfect experience relaxing in the tub and smoke some cigarettes for those who’d like to? I mean, the image just looks really relaxing, haha. And after the hot spring, I felt so relaxed and slept really, really well. 😉


Honestly I was a little worried when I saw that our “bed” is on the ground and has a mosquito net… “Would the bed be too hard for me?” (I remember getting bruises when I slept in a sleeping bag in an empty classroom during my volunteer experience in Taitung…)

And…more importantly, “will there be mosquitoes at night!?”

But before I could ask, the concierges told us that 1)the blankets are very thick and comfortable 2)the mosquito net is just there because it would remind people of their childhood in their grandma’s home.

Well, I don’t think I ever really had that experience as a child, but I do think it’s pretty romantic!

Can you see me in there? haha 🙂

I slept so well that night.

V thinks the blanket is a little too thick so it was too hot for him especially during summer. But he still slept pretty well.


So I guess if I could have one suggestion, maybe the inn could also provide a thinner blanket during summer (for someone with high body temperature like V?) And another thing would probably be…provide a garbage bin in the room so it’s more convenient? (Though there is one close by in the bathroom, haha.) But other than that…I loved it. I just loved the whole experience.


I will definitely come back again. The owner Hsieh also has a few other inns in other parts of Tainan City, so I hope to give them a try when I come back to Tainan next time. And next time, I want to visit during autumn or winter, when the leaves turn red, and when I can actually read or eat by the tree, or in the balcony, to enjoy the “cool” wind (instead of spending most my time in the room because there’s air-conditioning! Haha) (wow that was a long sentence-_-).

In our balcony

By the tree. I want to read or relax here on a cooler day 🙂

We also had a short conversation with Hsieh before we left. We asked him why he chose this career? He said, he thinks it’s a pity that many beautiful old houses are torn down. He wants to restore them and allow our future generation and foreigners to see and experience the beauty of Tainan…He also wants to prove that, service in Taiwan has high quality. And I must say, he probably already achieved it. In fact, if I remember correctly, there have already been residents from over 25 countries.

When he was a student, he studied Management and got his undergrad and master degree in Australia (most of his relatives are also abroad). He has also travelled to over 50 countries, and because of all these experiences abroad, it also made him realize how beautiful Taiwan is and how we should cherish it. When I was listening to him, I could see the passion in his eyes. And I really, really admire his goal and dream. I want to thank him for doing this for Taiwan, and I really wish that one day, I, too, could do something meaningful for the society.

This was my favorite experience. Anyone would love it—for the older generation, they would probably enjoy reminiscing the past…and for the younger generation, or for foreigners who never had the experience living in a traditional old house before, Old House Inn provides us the opportunity to experience.

Thanks for lending your house to us, 小五哥. 🙂


6 thoughts on “【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❻Living like the Local: Old House Inn 謝宅 [pt.2]

  1. awww, 蚊帳的idea非常可愛!!!
    +你的裙子感覺非常適合這個謝宅!!! 呵呵

    hopefully one day we can both do something that “makes people see more of taiwan’s beauty”

    下個周末我們有long weekend
    希望可以啾多一點人來~也希望it will actually happen 😛

  2. 看到有人這麼用心留下台灣的老東西,留下生活過的痕跡,真是令人開心!更欣慰的是妹妹也會欣賞和喜愛這樣的風景呢!

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