【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❼Other than Eating…

So other than eating (88%), we still did some sight-seeing (12%). Here comes my 12% ☞

  1. 綠色隧道 Mangrove Green River

Well, pictures first 🙂 ►

I guess we really didn’t plan our time well this time, we got on the boat at 11:30am, the hottest hour during a day…let alone how hot Tainan already is. So while there are quite many interesting creatures/plants in such an unique habitat here, I really didn’t pay much attention to our guide. Because- my back and feet were burning (I wore a maxi dress and sandals that day). 

But it was definitely beautiful–no wonder people call it the “mini Amazon”. When we entered the “green tunnel”, everyone exclaimed in surprise. It also cooled down immediately because all the leaves covered us from the sun. Well, I still felt too hot to do anything (like standing up and taking photos)…but thankfully my personal photographer captured such beautiful pictures for me 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥ (I love travelling with dad and V! They are the best ^^) (by the way, most photos from my Tainan series are taken by V with his professional camera– except for the average/bad quality ones haha…those are probably from my phone)

Getting ready to enter the “green tunnel”…


Look how clear the reflection is! Couldn’t believe my eyes…

And this is my ultimate favorite. Doesn’t it look like paradise! (pair’adise? haha)

So yea, must go there! BUT- in winter/late afternoon (I think the last “cruise” is around 5PM. Each cruise lasts for half an hour)! Don’t be stupid like me… TT

2. 【四草眾神廟 Temple

On your last article you asked me why I didn’t go to any temple. Well, I did 😉 And I even drew my fortune stick/slip. It was quick too since I got my fortune stick during the first round! (you have to cast the divining blocks three times to make sure if what you drew really IS your fortune. Ok yea kind of complicated…but that’s what the people in the temple told me.)

I’m usually not huge about this type of stuff, but I was so happy with my fortune slip…strangely, it sort of answered my doubt recently. I don’t feel like posting something “sacred” like my fortune slip in public (haha), but basically it told me when I succeed/get lucky, my personal wealth (身價) will increase a lot…and that there won’t be much difficulty in my future, and whatever I decide to do is for the best. I felt kind of touched when I read it, because you know how I feel unsure about my future recently. Now, I guess I’ll just do what I think I should do, work hard, and follow my heart. 🙂 (You know how I’m not a superstitious person…but I guess I always choose to believe it when it’s “positive”, and ignore it when it’s “negative”? hahaha that works for me though.) 

3. 【安平樹屋 An Ping Tree House

Yup. Cool tree house. Plus, all (or most) of them are banyan trees (榕樹), which always reminds me of you! :’) hehe. Mum said you’ve been there too…did you like it? 🙂

4. 【Tainan-ese】

I also realized that people in Tainan are much friendlier and warmer than people from Taipei (so…I guess that’s not just a stereotype. I mean, that makes sense too. People in city are usually busier and mind their own business.) For example, when we asked one person for directions, there would be at least 3 people trying to help us out! The vendors usually talk loudly and don’t smile as much, but somehow they just look really “real” (which I definitely prefer to some ladies with fake cute voice and smile…)

Ohhhh. Btw, I also tried a sip of Taiwan Fruit Beer 台灣水果啤酒- mango and pineapple flavor. I think the concept is pretty interesting, but I didn’t enjoy the taste…I felt like I could taste 100% (bitter) beer and 100% (sweet) fruit at the same time…you know what I mean? Like, the flavors don’t mix well together; they are probably better by themselves.

Phewf. I’m finally done with my Tainan series and can move on with life (lol)!

Yayyy ✹ ✸ ✷ Thanks for reading ☺ ☻

For the complete series►

(Even if you don’t understand Mandarin, feel free to check out the yummy food photos 😀

就算英文沒有全部看得懂, 還是可以看看漂亮的照片哦 :D)


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