【S】Puyallup Fair

Hi Nora!

Remember how I envied you each year when you went to the Spring Fair at your school? Well, I finally went to one this year. And I guess it’s unbelievable for Americans, but…this was actually my first time going to a “fair” like this. It was a spontaneous decision too, because I thought “well, the weather was good today!” (not so common in Seattle…) and, “I can’t leave the states without having gone to a fair!” (to me this is pretty “American”, because you see a lot of these in movies…right? Haha.) Plus, I just love food, games, and things like this! So, after I woke up this day (September 20th), I dragged the guys to Puyallup (around an hour away from Seattle) with me.

Nothing too extraordinary to write about, but here are some picture- (mostly taken by Yifan; some taken by V; a few taken by Pan or me) Read my captions though!;)

Candid shots! Haha, the first one was when I JUST got off the “Free Fall”. Second one, eating a corn dog…typical American food (I actually didn’t eat much at the fair, surprisingly. Because they were all pretty overpriced, and I didn’t want to throw up in case if I got on more rides!). I wish I look better in candid shots (how do celebrities look SO good ALL-THE-TIME?), but apparently this is how I look most of the time, lol :/

On the other hand, Pan looks GREAT in candid shots!! I guess he does have celebrity-quality in him…(Our future golf star-seriously :))

(Please click to enlarge the photo)                                                                                                                                   Games and Performance. Games are overpriced too (obviously), but it was still pretty fun. I didn’t play much though…I’m never good at this stuff, and the prizes are mostly pretty ugly to be honest 😛                                        


(Please click to enlarge the photo)                                                                                                                                  Getting henna for the first time! I’ve always wanted to try it, and guess what I got? My favorite owl, as you might have guessed already:P. V was bored so he got 壞(bad) on his arm just for fun. Lesson learned? Never get a Chinese-tattoo from a foreigner…

And this is how the henna looks like now. At first, it was sort of 3D…then it fell off and faded into lighter brown…and after 2 days or so, it turned into darker brown. Isn’t it adorable? She even drew some branches and a moon for my owl 😀

Free Fall!!!!! I’m so scared of it but also so in love with it, haha. I guess I just love the thrill…(even though I’d always regret it right before I get on, and also when I’m super super high in the sky…) But afterwards, it’d always feel great! Hehe. It’s almost like an “accomplishment” for me in a sense. Is it silly :P?                             By the way, can you spot where my legs are in this photo? 😉

(Please click to enlarge the photo)                                                                                                                                  Hahahah I think I was the most scared one compared to the others…Look at my intense facial expressions and tense body…I didn’t even know my photos were taken. 


Other random photos of V and me 🙂 We were so pink that day (he copied me, obviously…hehe :P)                (Please click to enlarge^^)

Ok, I guess that’s about it. Was the Spring Fair you went to similar to this? 🙂







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