【N】French Toast for Breakfast!!

Dear Sharon,

Good Morning! Guess what? I finally tried making French toast this morning–remember Mom taught us like…a year ago? lol

In case if you don’t remember the steps (since I know both of us suck at anything cooking-related…:P), I took a few photos while making French toast today 🙂

First off, all you need is: eggs, milk, toasts, and syrup! (obviously a pan and oil too…) Since I don’t have a lot of ingredients at home, this is a perfect breakfast option for me.

Step 1: beat one egg (for 1~2 pieces of toast) and pour it in a plate, add some milk, then dip the toast 🙂 (you can just dip one side if you’d like)


I realized that one egg isn’t really enough for two pieces of toast if you want to dip both sides of the toast…Oh by the way, I also took this photo just to show off our beautiful table cloth! Keren recently bought it for the Fall. And this plate belongs to Katie — isn’t it so “Katie”? 🙂 Ah, and do you see the chopsticks? Do they look familiar to you? Actually, those are Sandy’s (so basically nothing in this photo belongs to me…except for the egg and the toast), but we used to have those at home too!! Remember? (The ones with cute bears on them)

Step 2: Turn on the gas, add some oil (I use olive oil), and put the toast on!! Can’t get any easier, right? 😉


Step 3: There’s no step 3, it’s done!!!


Haha, this clearly isn’t the prettiest and fanciest French toast…but I’m still proud of myself because it actually tastes pretty good and pretty “French toast“! 🙂 It will probably look a lot better if I use white toast, but I try to stick with whole wheat because it’s healthier…

Yummy!! Share some easy recipes with me please, don’t forget that I’m SUPER lazy so the easier the better! For example, this French toast literally took me less than 10 minutes…. 


With love, Nora


3 thoughts on “【N】French Toast for Breakfast!!

  1. Oh yes I remember making this for once last year….I should do it again soon when we have toast at home 🙂 Today we made thin noodles(麵線) for breakfast haha! Yes…it was a very filling breakfast 😛 Let’s share more simple recipes with each other!! My roommates made steamed egg last time, it was easy (i forgot how to make it though…haha tell you next time!)

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