【S】International Business Career Panel

One of the perks of being part of the CISB program is being able to meet and hear from successful businessmen and businesswomen, who have careers in international business– a career that many of us aspire to have in our future. It is always inspiring to listen to their stories and advice, and what I love the most about it is that sometimes, there would be this one advice that stays in your head and motivates you to work harder and fight for your dream.

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【S】Sunday Study Date @ Citra

So I probably should be studying right now, but while I’m on a short study break- here’s another article :D!

I used to live right next to this “cafe” but never really came…mostly because they used to only have frozen yogurt (and you know I don’t really eat cold stuff on a frequent basis…) But now, they’ve renovated and now serve coffee and bubble tea! 

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【S】About Traveling/Sevilla, Autumn 2011

Harro Nora!

So, I know how busy our life is. And because of that, we don’t really have time to write as many insightful articles as we’d like to. But, one of the things I’d like to write more about is “traveling”, since it really is one of my biggest passions. 

Obviously, haven’t done much traveling this month (or more like none), which reminds me how much I miss my time in Spain. So I decided to start reflecting my traveling experiences (based on the diaries I’ve written during the time) from around a year ago while I was studying abroad in Cadiz, Spain, to start having a collection of my traveling blog articles here. Here’s what I wrote about my traveling experience in Sevilla, and what I learned from traveling in general:

I guess this blog post will be in Chinese because my dad says so, hahaha. I was skyping my dad a few days ago and he suggested that I should write Chinese once in a while so I don’t lose my proficiency in writing Chinese….so why not? Plus I just don’t speak Chinese here at alllll and sometimes I kinda miss it? Who would have known 🙂 (p.s. but if anyone actually feels super interested and curious about what i’d be writing about Sevilla [lolll] then I’d of course be willing to translate the whole thing for you ;)) Continue reading

【S】”The Ads that Bring us Back to Childhood…”

Recent research shows that “the ability of the average consumer to even remember advertising 24 hours later is at the lowest level in the history of business.” In another word, due to too much exposure of ads, we barely remember any ads we see after a day or so. But out of all these ads, are there some that still stick to your mind after a decade?

To me, it would be the two snacks commercials that I watched when I still lived in Taiwan with my family: Hsia Wei Hsian (shrimp chips) and Kuai-Kuai (corn snack). I guess it is true when people say food is emotional and is the best way to bring back memory, because clearly food ads is all that I can remember of. Continue reading

【S】Networking 101

Hi Nora,

You know how business school always tells us how important networking is? They always say they can’t stress how important it is, but to many of us, networking isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. Over the past few years I’ve gotten advice for networking from different people, and I really appreciate all their advice! But I must say the most helpful and practical advice I got was from a “Networking 101 Workshop” hosted by Fortunato Vega, my host dad for 3 days when I first came to Seattle! He actually voluntarily offered this workshop for a group of us on a weekend- don’t you admire how generous and kind he is? :’)

I think I have already sent you the notes that we (the students) put together, but now that we have a blog. I thought it’d be a great platform to share it with you and our readers. So I edited a little and tried to make it more organized here. I still have so much to improve on (and really wish I’m better at it!), which is why I try to read over these notes from time to time. Hope these notes are helpful to you and whomever that’s reading this blog 🙂 Continue reading

【S】Boyfriend’s Birthday

Hi Nora 🙂

How was your weekend? I really had a lot of fun because it was V’s birthday weekend :). It was the best birthday I’ve planned (the one that I enjoyed the most, I guess). Wait, maybe the second best-haha, remember our 18th? It was like…perfect 🙂

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【S】”The Best Ads of All Time”

Hello Nora!

I had an assignment in my advertising class where we had to write a newspaper column article on “the best ads of all time”. You can imagine its difficulty since there are TONS of ads out there! But I really enjoyed this task, because I just love their creativity and ingenuity. Thought I’d share with you:

Sprite Showers: Our Favorite Ad Campaign

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “ads”? Obnoxious, omnipresent, or just some clip that bothers you when you try to watch your favorite show? Yes, we all know the time when we rather pay a few more bucks just to avoid the ads. But think twice. Are there some ads that you actually like and love seeing? Continue reading