【S】”The Best Ads of All Time”

Hello Nora!

I had an assignment in my advertising class where we had to write a newspaper column article on “the best ads of all time”. You can imagine its difficulty since there are TONS of ads out there! But I really enjoyed this task, because I just love their creativity and ingenuity. Thought I’d share with you:

Sprite Showers: Our Favorite Ad Campaign

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “ads”? Obnoxious, omnipresent, or just some clip that bothers you when you try to watch your favorite show? Yes, we all know the time when we rather pay a few more bucks just to avoid the ads. But think twice. Are there some ads that you actually like and love seeing?

In today’s world, we as consumers are much more aware when we watch ads. We are conscious that they are encouraging us to spend money on them (aka things that we may not need). So to me, good ads are the ones that still make you feel the need to purchase the product even though you know that you may be manipulated. And on top of that, if you actually want these ads to exist and enjoy seeing them, they probably are few of the really good ads, such as “Sprite Shower”, seen below (or Youtube “Sprite Shower”: it looks even better in motion.)

Is there anything more refreshing than a sip of Sprite on a hot, sunny day at the beach? Yes, Sprite Shower, a giant “drink machine” that serves cold shower! This ad campaign is awesome in so many levels:

l  First, it definitely increases Sprite’s brand awareness (now, when you’re hot and thirsty, What do you think of? A giant refreshing Sprite machine! I mean, I even want it now just by looking at the ads…and it’s only 50F now in the middle of a cool Seattle night).

l  It’s so attention-catching because it’s so seasonal-related and is exactly what everyone (especially the young and fun target audience, Sprite’s consumer image) wants to see in summer: Brazil, beach, bikini, and something refreshing!

l  The ad is highly product-related and memorable. It’s not just entertaining; people will actually remember what the commercial is for afterwards.

l  And, people get to “interact” with this brand, which is so much more personal than passively listening to a brand ambassador talking to us about how great the product is (Yes, I know not all of us can be on a beach in Brazil to experience this…but watching the public enjoying it makes us feel like we would enjoy it too).

l  It has a huge viral potential, as the Youtube caption reads, “Like this video and pretty soon this shower can go to a beach near you.” I’m not sure how exactly this works or whether or not it’ going to happen, but wouldn’t you LIKE it? I can’t imagine how amazing this experience would be (even though it’s less possible in our Seattle weather…)

Since this ad campaign encompasses so many good qualities that a good ad should have, this is no doubt the best ad I’ve seen in my opinion. But, two other advertisements that come close would be “Tide: My Talking Stain” and “Playboy: Pleasure in Your Hands”. The first one is just so funny because we know how true it is: we probably have all experienced it. And the second one may just be some cute finger drawings to some of us, but if you know what the ad means (pleasure in your hands…no, I don’t think they just mean holding the magazine itself), you probably do want Playboy. Clever targeting. I really encourage you to Youtube/Google them, you’ll see what I mean.

So what do you think? And what are your favorite ads of all time? 😉




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