【S】Boyfriend’s Birthday

Hi Nora 🙂

How was your weekend? I really had a lot of fun because it was V’s birthday weekend :). It was the best birthday I’ve planned (the one that I enjoyed the most, I guess). Wait, maybe the second best-haha, remember our 18th? It was like…perfect 🙂

Haha, angels and devils. I want to have another theme party soon 🙂 Looking at these pictures makes me miss you, and SAS, a lot. 🙂

Anyways, back to the topic. So yea, I really enjoyed planning V’s birthday (with friends’ help, of course). We surprised him with an Apple gift card so he can finally get iPhone 5 (which he has been talking about for DAYS! lol). We thought we’d give him something that he’d actually want and need, instead of something cute…but useless (we all have that experience when we like the gift but later just leave it to collect dust :/). AND, he did love it! He said that’s the best gift he could have imagined. So yay 😀 I honestly think giving gift collectively is a good idea, because then each of us can spend a reasonable amount of money for a really, really good gift. 😉 Plus, he said it just shows him how much we care for him that we actually planned this together. 

We also surprised him with a dinner at Wasabi Bistro (a pretty good Japanese restaurant. Nice ambiance and all). Originally I tried to sound like it’s just a normal dinner with him and our roommate, but when we got there, all our friends were waiting there and surprised him. 🙂 They also bought balloons earlier that day to decorate the semi-private room a little bit. I think it’s cute. 🙂

when he just walked in…surprise surprise 🙂

(All photos credits to Kifer Yang and/or Yifan Liu :))

I felt relieved when it finally happened haha. For some reasons, I was pretty nervous before we got to the restaurant! But even though planning the dinner and asking people to chip in took a lot of time and effort…(more than i expected), when I saw him smiling so much and when he told me it’s the best birthday he’s ever had, I think it’s all worth it. Maybe that’s why I love event planning type of stuff so much. 🙂 I’m so thankful that our friends were so willing and helpful, and together we planned a really memorable birthday for V. 🙂

Oh and, you know about this, but I also gave him another personalized gift- “100 reasons why I love you”. It definitely took a long while to make, but again, I can’t think of a more personal and sweet gift, if I may say so myself. 😛 I personally really like this idea…and if you think you can’t come up with 100 reasons, you actually can! 😉

In fact, my #99 was: I love you because I can actually come up with even more reasons to love you! 



Then, tonight our roommate Yif cooked Steak for his birthday! So sweet (and yummy!!!) It makes me so happy seeing him this happy too. 🙂


Hehe. Have fun this week! I’m sure you guys will also have a memorable one. 🙂

Please let me know how it goes!





One thought on “【S】Boyfriend’s Birthday

  1. 妹妹這麼擅長辦活動?我怎麼都不知道???原來啊,爸爸媽媽都沒享受過這種福利啦,唉、、、

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