【S】”The Ads that Bring us Back to Childhood…”

Recent research shows that “the ability of the average consumer to even remember advertising 24 hours later is at the lowest level in the history of business.” In another word, due to too much exposure of ads, we barely remember any ads we see after a day or so. But out of all these ads, are there some that still stick to your mind after a decade?

To me, it would be the two snacks commercials that I watched when I still lived in Taiwan with my family: Hsia Wei Hsian (shrimp chips) and Kuai-Kuai (corn snack). I guess it is true when people say food is emotional and is the best way to bring back memory, because clearly food ads is all that I can remember of.

 To this day, Hsian Wei Hsian is still my favorite snack. I don’t remember many details about the entire commercial, but I clearly remember it ends with the slogan “even grandpa would rush to have a bite,” and a little kid nagging to get more shrimp chips while the grandpa secretly grabs more to himself. The kid and the grandpa character also always appear on the package of the shrimp chips, which was why I was so excited to see them “come to life” on TV! I remember thinking that the “grandpa” is so cute because normally we would assume elders don’t fight for snacks with children. But the fact that adults would even steal the snacks from their beloved grandchildren just shows how irresistible the snacks are! Especially as a kid, I always looked at adults as “role models”, so it made me feel good to have something that even adults like. In fact, I remember I would hide the snack in my drawer whenever I bought them afterschool, and later tried to show off that “I just finished a packet of Hsia Wei Hsian” to my entire family.

The other equally memorable ad is from Kuai-Kuai. I also don’t remember many details in the commercial, but I can still hum its theme song (though not the lyrics…I guess I never understood what they mean as a kid) and picture the Kuai-Kuai character. I also remember nagging my parents to buy me Kuai-Kuai ever since I saw the commercial about the “secret gift” in the snack packet (especially because the commercial made it seem so magical to have a gift inside)! For some reasons, the toys in the packet and the “surprise” element almost attracted me more than the snack itself at that time.

 Even right now, I still insist in brining Hsia Wei Hsian and Kuai-Kuai from Taiwan whenever I go back home. They always remind me of my childhood and my family, so in some ways they almost represent my parents’ love and a piece of home for me; and they are definitely my remedy when I miss home. But who would have thought all this significance came from two 30-second commercials 15 years ago?

How about you? What ads bring you back to childhood?



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