【S】Sunday Study Date @ Citra

So I probably should be studying right now, but while I’m on a short study break- here’s another article :D!

I used to live right next to this “cafe” but never really came…mostly because they used to only have frozen yogurt (and you know I don’t really eat cold stuff on a frequent basis…) But now, they’ve renovated and now serve coffee and bubble tea! 

Guess what I ordered? Chai tea latte❤ hehe. It’s my favorite caffeine drink. And, to my surprise, citra probably has the best chai tea latte I’ve tried in Seattle! (I used to say Trabant has hands-down the best chai tea latte. But I changed my mind after today.) It’s creamy and sweet, as compared to some others that have more spice to them (such as the ones from Starbucks, in my opinion). So, if you’re one of those people who don’t think you like chai because you don’t like spice, give citra or trabant a try 😉 

AND, how clever is this design? It’s really simple but I think it’s so smart. I have to confess that I’m pretty paranoid when I walk with my hot coffee. Haha, I always feel like as I walk the coffee would spill and then i will get burned (especially when I’m in a rush)…It seems to never really happen to others, but it does happen to me. I’m not sure why. But! With this design, we can just slide this thing on the cup to close the mouth, and slide it back when we drink it! I’m so fascinated, hahaha. 

I can see myself coming here more often. 🙂 Hope they don’t get too popular and noisy though 😛 hehe. I like its quietness. 


Food ★★★★ ☆ (based on chai tea latte and a mochi green tea smoothie I had a while back)

Price ★★★ (normal, reasonable price :))

Ambiance ★★★★ (I LOVE their music. Soothing classic music. I need to ask what track they are playing. Also very warm on a cold day! It’s also relatively quiet, except when there are some noisy customers-which you can’t really avoid anywhere- and when the owner decides to watch korean drama on her iPad) Great for studying and chilling. 

Service ★★★★ (So friendly and cute. Kinda love them.)


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4 thoughts on “【S】Sunday Study Date @ Citra

  1. 最近在看一本〝咖啡時光 紐約〞Cafe life NEW YORK 書中一直說紐約咖啡廳的水準不及西雅圖呢 事真的嗎? 不過 也有可能是那個時候吧 尤其是2003年以前 好像一直覺得西岸咖啡水準比較高呢!

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