Sooo, as I’m writing this blog article, I realized by the time you read this it’s probably not Halloween anymore (not to mention the US is already half a day later than Asia…). I should have written this earlier, especially we know how time sensitive it is in the internet world. But I really have some things that I’d like to share, and I thought, if I don’t write this article I’ll have to wait for another year. So…I hope this is still interesting even though it may be a little late. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!

First of all, my Halloween! I dressed up as a prisoner last weekend, along with V as a police officer! So I call myself a prisoner of love. Haha. Because there is nowhere else I’d rather be than to be with him.

Okay…I know I just sort of made that up, and this costume really isn’t the most creative one. But it is the first time we celebrate Halloween together as a couple, so I still think it’s pretty cute. 🙂 V also helped me staple (yea staple…not sew, haha) my costume, because it was just way too loose on me.

I still remember thinking that I’d really like to do something really fun every Halloween when I first celebrated it during Freshman year, because who knows where I will be next Halloween when I will have already graduated? I may be working…or I may in other parts of the world where people just don’t really celebrate it (in fact, I was traveling in Portugal last Halloween…and I remember I saw ONE person dressing up as a witch. She was an American tourist.)

For some reasons I really do like Halloween. It’s the only time when you can be whomever you like (not that I want to be a prisoner…but it’s fun! When else would I get to dress up and not get weird looks?:)) And you can really express yourself freely. In fact, I admire and appreciate everyone who actually dressed up today at school. I feel like, you have to have certain confidence in order to wander around school in a costume! And, it just makes people happy. I saw a Waldo today with his nerdy glasses and striped hat and top walking in front of me. I couldn’t help smiling. 🙂

I was going to wear cat ears and collar with cat make-up today (I’ve always wanted to do that…) but ended up not doing it because I had a pretty important conference today, plus a midterm. I guess that’s what happens when Halloween lands on a Wednesday….but I’ve decided that dressing up in public on a Halloween will officially go on my Bucket List. I know I might feel weird or embarrassed, but hey, when else do you get to do it? And I might as well start early rather than regret it when I’m in my 40s or something. What do you think? 😉

I wish it isn’t this cold on Halloween though. I’ve always wanted to stroll in my custom-made Qui Pao (traditional Chinese clothes) on a street, probably somewhere in Europe, and pretending that this is just a normal day for me. Isn’t that kind of fun? It doesn’t have to be on Halloween either. 🙂 Ok, this is on my Bucket List now too. Let’s do it together some day!

So on a completely different note, I came across an article on “Campaign Against Culturally Offensive Halloween Costumes”, basically saying that some people dress up as other ethnicity is “racist”. Below are some examples:


You can read more on it on their website. Part of me agree with it…I mean, I guess it can be kind of offensive? But I feel like most people dress up for the fun and for the laugh, so they may exaggerate their costume (just to…be fun and make sure people know what they are?) But this doesn’t mean that they believe these certain races really behave this way, or have bad intention to look down on them. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like the campaign itself is…a little too sensitive? I personally don’t think the Asian examples are offensive… :S I think people KNOW it’s a stereotype, and they are perhaps just poking fun at that…

Anyways, in this case, would dressing up as a prisoner offend an actual prisoner? :S I certainly hope not.

Either way, it’s still good to be aware. I mean, we wouldn’t want to make anyone feel bad on a supposedly fun and happy holiday! So I thought I’d share this article and hopefully hear about what others think. 🙂

I can’t wait for next year’s Halloween already. I always love seeing people’s creativity. 🙂 Some of the All-Time Best Celeb Halloween Costumes are pretty awesome too.



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3 thoughts on “【S】Halloween!

  1. 小妹妹 我越來越覺得你像一個雙魚座女生了! 你會為了某些不實際卻很感性的理由去花時間 去計畫一些事情 我好像不太會ㄟ 總之 和你在一起 一定是一件愉快又有趣味的事! enjoy it!

  2. Haha omg this is so interesting! maybe i should also add those two on my bucket list :3

    i wasn’t gonna celebrate halloween, but i’m glad i went to a halloween party / richard’s birthday party, i can’t believe it’s our last halloween in college already….

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