【S】Will it Go Viral?

Many people say, a promotion is considered successful when it becomes viral— because the main purpose of advertisement is education, which cannot be done without first reaching enough audience. Especially nowadays, consumers are much more passive and sophisticated. It is challenging enough to have them finish the entire commercial, not to mention actually sharing it with their friends. But, the “Will it Blend” series by BlendTec definitely nailed it and made it so viral that most people actually got exposed to the ad from their friends’ recommendations.

Basically, the videos showed off the power of these durable blenders as they pulverized all sorts of expensive electronics, such as iPhone, iPad, or the latest new technology. This idea is so surprising that the videos generated millions of views soon after the campaign launched.

So how did such a commercial reach me (definitely not a typical target audience of a blender) and hundreds of millions of people?

1. Attention-catching
This whole concept of blending the latest gadget is new and daring. Most of the other blender ads usually focus on the “healthy and delicious” theme, but BlendTec offers such a fresh idea to destroy the latest technology, which we would never have imagined! When you see a link titled “Will an iPhone Blend?” you can’t help but click the video out of curiosity. And in a way, people do love to see things getting destroyed…you just sort of get this thrill while you know you can’t do this in real life.

2. Relevant
On top of being absolutely mind-blowing, it is actually relevant to the products’ functional benefit. I mean, if a blender proves that it can blend an iPhone, it can probably make the smoothest smoothie! So guess what brand will come to your mind when you shop for blender next time? This is especially valuable for product categories that are difficult to differentiate.
3. Audience Interaction
Another fun element is that BlendTec asks what the public wants to blend. On all their youtube videos, the caption reads: “tell us what to blend next” and provides the link to their Facebook fan page, which now has more than 30,000 fans. Basically, everyone has a say to decide what BlendTec blends! By interacting with the fans, people feel included, want to participate, and therefore are much more likely to share with their friends.

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of this commercial because it has gone so viral; in fact, the most popular one recently is the iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 episode, and people have been basing their opinion on which phone is more durable based on how fast it blends. But in case if you haven’t heard of it, just youtube “Will it Blend”, and you can witness an iPhone getting destroyed in 5 seconds yourself.


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