【S】Montana 蒙大那州之first time skiing!

終於去滑雪Ski了!!! :D
也不想在一大群認識的人面前出糗:P (畢竟我的體育細胞…you know :/)
另外 價錢方面加加減減也要上百元 (包括車程 租器具 買雪衣等等)

而這次來到Montana, 很幸運的終於體驗了!❤❤❤ Continue reading

【S】Montana 蒙大那州之 “Real America” // Beauty of Nature


今年寒假去了很少人會選的destination- Montana.
每次別人一問完我 都會睜大眼睛或是很疑惑的看著我:“Montana? / Why? / What is there to do in Montana?”
實在被問了太多次 哈哈 但也不能怪大家
因為說真的 在我去之前我也是幾乎完全不認識這個地方呢.
還不知道我什麼時候才會有機會目睹這麼美麗的地方:) Continue reading

【S】Thank you! (yes, you, you, &you♥ ♥ ♥ )

If there’s one thing I did quite a lot in this holiday, that would be going back and looking at my stuff from before…by this I mean, checking my history on Facebook, my old albums, chat histories, and I even stumbled upon Plurk a few days ago and saw all the funny stuff we wrote about before… 😛 My favorite was seeing my post about how excited I was about UW 🙂

I know what you are thinking- Continue reading

【S】Xmas 2012 .☆ *. * * ☆


結果沒想到 Continue reading

【S】Top 10 in New York II

First, read Top 10 in New York I if you haven’t 🙂

Now, continuing with my list…

Battery Park (Statue of Liberty)

I can’t believe that I was almost not going to this place because it was further away from the other spots- But I’m so glad I did. The battery park area was beautiful; it was almost dream-like to see the buildings in the fog. Everything in the sight was so soft and so blue. Another amazing place to do a morning walk…

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【S】Top 10 in New York I

Soo..this is kind of an overdue article that I owe one of my friends. I promised him I’d write a post on my favorite things/places in New York but I never did. :/ Sorry!! But now that I’m in vacation nd daydreaming about my travel plans, I figured it’s a good time to do that now.

“So what’s your favorite thing about New York?” I get this question a lot when I tell people how much I enjoyed my trip in New York. So here’s my attempt to better answer it than a simple “Everything!” Continue reading

【S】Harvest Vine #srw


So I’m finally writing this super belated article on one of my favorites restaurants that I tried over Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW)…more than a month ago? Haha. Harvest Vine is a cute and authentic Spanish Tapa restaurant in the central district of Seattle.

My girlfriends and I decided to have a late dinner around 9pm that day, Continue reading

【S】Thanksgiving I: Turkey and Shopping

Dear Nora,

Your Thanksgiving Holiday seems like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I had never gone to a traditional Thanksgiving fest with an American family (it’s more like a shopping spree for me?)…First year, friend visited (and we shopped). Second year, shopping at the outlet in Seattle. Third year, in Spain. This year, I finally had an amazing Thanksgiving meal (at Pan’s Godmother’), and shopping in Oregon!!!


My favorite was honey ham! And I’m usually not a huge fan of turkey, but it tastes really good with rice… Continue reading