【S】Thanksgiving I: Turkey and Shopping

Dear Nora,

Your Thanksgiving Holiday seems like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I had never gone to a traditional Thanksgiving fest with an American family (it’s more like a shopping spree for me?)…First year, friend visited (and we shopped). Second year, shopping at the outlet in Seattle. Third year, in Spain. This year, I finally had an amazing Thanksgiving meal (at Pan’s Godmother’), and shopping in Oregon!!!


My favorite was honey ham! And I’m usually not a huge fan of turkey, but it tastes really good with rice… hahaha. A little mix of western traditional and eastern tradition? 😉 I was super satisfied after this filling meal. I didn’t enjoy myself too much though since I was somehow really worried about school work -_- Note to self: relax and enjoy next time!

I realized the only pictures I have taken were theses two…none with the people. 😦 Pan said this annual Thanksgiving feast is a pretty big deal for him, so I dressed up too-with a white blouse tucked in a wine-red skirt and a paired with gold owl earrings. 🙂 So it’s sort of formal but with a festive feel to it! I should have taken more pictures- but I guess that’s what happens when I’m around guys… (and this applies to our trip to Oregon too- not too many photos were taken. And I guess we were also preoccupied with shopping, and tired from the lack of sleep…)


So now, OREGON! I loved the tax-free shopping. It feels like everything is 10% off, haha. I realized I’ve become a lot more picky when I shop now (especially with sweaters and shoes)- so I didn’t buy too much…but I’m happy with everything I’ve got, and I’m excited to try them on! I’ll post a picture with my new outfit sometime later I guess 😉

Product bought from: American Eagle, Banana Republic, BCBG, Forever 21, Hunter

And I agree with you- next time I would probably focus more on the greater deals at bigger brands– Banana Republic is probably my favorite one. I also loved the ones I got from POLO Ralph Lauren two years ago (and I still wear the sweaters now.) This time we also got to the outlet around 7am instead of the rush hour around midnight, so it was a lot “easier” to shop around but I realized there were a lot of sizes missing for Cole Haan and North Face :(:(:( But oh well. I guess I’ll save some money for Christmas shopping…

I’ll write more on my trip to Oregon in my next article (mostly eating…since we didn’t do much sight-seeing other than shopping in the rainy weather, haha)




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