【S】Harvest Vine #srw


So I’m finally writing this super belated article on one of my favorites restaurants that I tried over Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW)…more than a month ago? Haha. Harvest Vine is a cute and authentic Spanish Tapa restaurant in the central district of Seattle.

My girlfriends and I decided to have a late dinner around 9pm that day, which was pretty fitting considering it’s Spanish culture to dine late 😉 It kind of reminded me of my time in Spain. It was also a perfect restaurant to go to for SRW with a couple of friends: We actually got to try everything on the menu since each dish is a “tapa”, which is meant to be shared with everyone.

First Course


Remolachas (red & golden beet salad with sherry vinegar), Lengua de Vaca (braised beef tongue with piparra peppers & alioli), Mejillones en Escabeche (marinated mussels with garbanzo bean puree & romaine lettuce)





Second Course


Menestra en Crujiente (vegetable stew wrapped in pastry with almond romesco sauce), Trucha Ahumada (amoke trout with fingerling potatoes, frisee and shalloet vinaigrette), Panceta (braised pork belly, chorizo & lentil stew)







Flan de Cafe (creamy Spanish style espresso custard), Tarta de Pinones (lemon pine nut tart with quince paste), Brazo Gitano con Intxuasala (chocolate genoise roulade with sea salt caramel pastry cream & walnut sauce)






Food ★★★★ ☆ authentic, and the dessert was heavenly. I’d go back just for the dessert- especially the chocolate one :’) ❤

Price ★★★ Not a restaurant where I can go everyday. But totally worth it 😀

Ambiance ★★★★ I feel like I was in an old cellar in Spain that evening. Love the ambiance. 🙂 Cozy and romantic.

Service ★★★★ The waiter was cute. (and friendly, of course!)


Since this post is way too overdue, my ability to come up with a detailed post is limited 😦 But maybe that’s another excuse to go back soon? 😉

So what’s YOUR favorite restaurant?


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