【S】Top 10 in New York II

First, read Top 10 in New York I if you haven’t 🙂

Now, continuing with my list…

Battery Park (Statue of Liberty)

I can’t believe that I was almost not going to this place because it was further away from the other spots- But I’m so glad I did. The battery park area was beautiful; it was almost dream-like to see the buildings in the fog. Everything in the sight was so soft and so blue. Another amazing place to do a morning walk…

And of course, we finally got to see the famous Statue of Liberty. It was so much bigger than I imagined, and this is another thing that you just must see it with your own eyes! Oh, so many famous and fabulous things in New York.  ❤

Little Italy

This was my favorite neighborhood in New York. There are lots of unique boutiques (where I almost bought a pair of Jason Wu glasses but ended up deciding to save my wallet…), and a couple of pizza places (aka Lombardi Pizza). One of the main reasons I loved New York was because each neighborhood is so different. That’s why I feel like I’d never get bored in this city. 🙂 I can almost say Little “Italy” felt very European to me 😉

Totto Ramen

Hands down the best ramen place I’ve EVER tried. So go to this place! Be prepared for a long line though. We got there 10-20 minutes before it was open and we were already in line. But it’s SO worth it. I’m so satisfied that this was our last meal in New York. 🙂

<-I got the spicy ramen. I asked to have the sauce on the side though so I could decide how spicy I wanted it to be. 😉 SUPER yummy.

<- Avo Tuna is a MUST try.



French restaurant that actually make you full- how many of these actually exist? Plus, it’s fancy but it’s not stuck up- Our waiter was friendly and had a great sense of humor. As compared to Jean Georges (by the central park), I felt a lot more comfortable eating here. Not only was the food better, the whole ambiance was much more warm and friendly. I’m not exaggerating- this is one of my favorite restaurants in the world.


Food Carts

“So what coffee do you have?”

“Good Coffee ;)”

This coffee cart was next to the central park, and yes, the coffee was actually really smooth, and really tasty. There are also a lot of other food trucks in New York, and we really enjoyed eating them on the street- not only are they cheaper but they are also delicious. My favorites are probably chicken over rice and the basic falafels. I wish there is more of a food truck culture here in Seattle too!


Okay, I guess this is it! I’m sure there are literally hundreds of must-gos in New York that I didn’t get to mention in my two posts, such as Broadway shows, museums, more food, more shopping…But this was my attempt to “summarize” New York in 1000 words. What are your thoughts :)?


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