【S】VEGAS- eating ii ♥

If you haven’t read Part I of my Vegas eating journal, read it first 🙂

This post will focus on my favorite desserts in Vegas-

1. Secret Pizza

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【S】VEGAS- eating i ♥

Apart from the party scene and the gambling, Vegas is also known as a food paradise! So of course, I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect chance to spoil myself a little… 🙂 Here are some of my highlights during our short stay in Vegas-

Brunch at Bouchon

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【S】VEGAS- living♥

Read this post first if you haven’t 🙂


There are so many hotels and resorts to choose from in Vegas, but I didn’t take long to decide at all! 😀 I guess for some reasons, for me the most signature views of Vegas are the gondolas at the Venetian and the fountain show by Bellagio…And after a little research online, I saw slightly more good comments for the Venetian (or maybe I was biased too since I love Venice haha) so we booked The Venetian right away- And I’m so glad I made this decision. I LOVE the Venetian.

Pictures worth a thousand words, so here are some beautiful pictures in the Venetian! 😀 These are probably some of my favorite pictures during this trip 🙂 The interior design is so realistic…I literally felt like I was in Europe, really! It was so romantic and beautiful. I could stay here for an entire day.

And basically, like most other resorts in Vegas, the Venetian has casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, lots of shopping…etc. So it’s super grand, and convenient.

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As I’m writing this, my heart aches a little realizing that I’m not in Vegas anymore…What can I say, I guess I’m experiencing post-Vegas depression syndrome. I’m sure everyone who has been there understands what I mean by that…

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【S】Resolutions for the Year of 2013♥

This year, I try to to limit myself to a few resolutions so that I can focus more on accomplishing fewer instead of half-accomplish more. So although I have many wishes, I really want to accomplish the following in the year of 2013: Continue reading

【N】2012 VS 2013

Dear Sharon,




我們家的傳統  就是每個新年(或農曆新年)都會想新年新希望  是媽媽先開始的吧  而且他以前還會負責幫大家寫下來呢
不過  在和你分享我的新年新希望/新目標之前  我剛剛和Mike簡單了回顧一下這一年  想說  在跨入下一年之前  先想想這一年的好壞吧!!

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