【S】Resolutions for the Year of 2013♥

This year, I try to to limit myself to a few resolutions so that I can focus more on accomplishing fewer instead of half-accomplish more. So although I have many wishes, I really want to accomplish the following in the year of 2013:

6 Resolutions
1. Exercise at least 3 times a week, but of course, the more the better.
2. Get a driver’s license in the States (meaning actually know how to drive confidently).
3. A fulfilling job after graduation where I will constantly learn and grow.
4. Keep up with my Spanish: do something related at least once a week, e.g. reading/watching/listening/writing/chatting
5. Learn more about golf, and try to play it in the course.
6. Style at least one outfit that I really like per week (even when I’m feeling lazy and/or busy).

And, 3 Inspiring Phrases that I’ want to live by in this new year:
1. Try new things, experience more, get out of comfort zone.
2. Be the type of person that we want to meet (and 把自己當做模範生, 展現優點)
3. Focus on my passions, and be purposeful with everything I do.

Other Important Things
Ballet, Travel, Money, Smile, Floss, Knees, Blog.


Cheers to the New Year! I will be better and continue to grow. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “【S】Resolutions for the Year of 2013♥

  1. This is great 🙂 !
    Maybe I should also get a NYS drivers license…I kept avoiding it because I’m scared of road test 😦

    I like your idea of “doing something related to Spanish” every week, and I also like your idea about “styling”! Very important 🙂 Especially when I start work I’ll have to be in at least b-casual everyday …

  2. 我也有新年新希望哦!不過 有些目標可能要去德國安定之後比較能做到 現在留在臺灣這些天 要好好讀書、念語文;從台中回來之後,該好好吃小吃、逛街!

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