As I’m writing this, my heart aches a little realizing that I’m not in Vegas anymore…What can I say, I guess I’m experiencing post-Vegas depression syndrome. I’m sure everyone who has been there understands what I mean by that…

This trip was decided pretty spontaneously in the beginning of December. Vince and I wanted to do something special for our 2nd anniversary (or more like I wanted to, haha), and I guess I was just so stressed out last quarter that I wanted to escape to somewhere fun and carefree. So we went online and literally booked the ticket within half an hour. I still remember booking it almost in a rush before my Total Toning class at IMA… 😛

Unfortunately, I got sty in my eye two days before we left for Vegas! Like seriously, when was the last time I had stye, and this had to happen now? All of the sudden, I almost wanted to cancel the trip and wanted to cry seeing how ugly I was…I know it sounds super stupid, but I guess appearance really gives people confidence, and it just affected my mood so much thinking I won’t be able to put make up on and dress up… I probably should care about appearance less, but I guess girls understand my feeling…haha.

Thankfully, V cheered me up just with one sentence…he told me he could care less and that I’m still the same Sharon that he loves. Then he said, even though my eyes hurt, it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t eat or shop, and that we’d still have tons of fun together. It was so sincere coming from him and I have to say I felt SO touched. :’) And of course he was right, we ended up having so much fun and it was still one of the best trips I’ve ever had… :’)

So yea, please don’t judge that I am wearing my shades in all the pictures, haha. I know I look silly but I literally had the worst sty ever especially on our first day in Vegas. :O On a side note, I believe V was secretly glad that since I looked ugly, I wasn’t obsessed about taking pictures everywhere we went (lol). So I guess I gave him a little break…and somehow it made our trip more relaxing too in a way:P And although I’m still a bit sad about missing out on the party scene, V was probably glad about that too… So I guess my little sacrifice is worth it 😛

Alright, too much talking- let me start with one of my favorite Vegas experience- The VenetianStay tuned! 



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4 thoughts on “【S】LAS VEGAS!!

  1. 小妹妹真是注重外表啊!以後要去見妹妹的時候 都要留意一下自己的穿著是嗎? 真不知是遺傳誰的啊???

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