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There are so many hotels and resorts to choose from in Vegas, but I didn’t take long to decide at all! 😀 I guess for some reasons, for me the most signature views of Vegas are the gondolas at the Venetian and the fountain show by Bellagio…And after a little research online, I saw slightly more good comments for the Venetian (or maybe I was biased too since I love Venice haha) so we booked The Venetian right away- And I’m so glad I made this decision. I LOVE the Venetian.

Pictures worth a thousand words, so here are some beautiful pictures in the Venetian! 😀 These are probably some of my favorite pictures during this trip 🙂 The interior design is so realistic…I literally felt like I was in Europe, really! It was so romantic and beautiful. I could stay here for an entire day.

And basically, like most other resorts in Vegas, the Venetian has casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, lots of shopping…etc. So it’s super grand, and convenient.

Please click the photos to enlarge them and see my captions. 🙂

Shopping Area

Now the room itself 🙂

The only drawback I would say is they don’t provide drinking water, and the bottled water provided in the room is $6. So we actually spent quite a lot on just water itself. There also wasn’t water boiler (We didn’t ask for it though…) But in general, the service is friendly and efficient. And I love how big and extravagant the bathroom is….(haha for some reason the bathroom is usually what I’m super excited about when I live in a hotel)

Another drawback is that the Venetian isn’t as close to any tram or the metro station, so we did a lot of walking during this trip…I’m not sure which hotel I’d choose for our next visit, but I’ll definitely check the tram and metro map first (which can be easily found online) 🙂 Each hotel doesn’t seem far away from the others, but it actually take a while to walk…Of course, taxi is also an option- but since there was only the two of us, and taxis do not drop you off in the front and circle back…thus longer and more expensive.

So would I recommend it? Definitely, especially for the first-timers who simply love the Venetian theme! But there are also so many options, and since each hotel has its own clubs and theaters, I think it would be smart to live somewhere with the entertainments you like. (For example, if I plan to go to the famous bars and clubs in The Cosmopolitan, then it would be super convenient to live there without worrying about getting home at night, or if I watch the show Le Reve at Wynn at night, it would be perfect to just go upstairs after the show.)

I feel like at the upper part (where Wynn is) is more high-end, with Neiman Marcus, golf course and all that, while the middle-lower part (Bellagio and Cosmopolitan) is kind of the center of party scene, and further down from MGM seems a little less active and probably more sketchy (all these are just personal opinions and rough observations). But with that being said, everywhere is accessible with the public transportation, and Las Vegas is truly a city that never sleeps. So you’d have fun anywhere!

There are also some cheaper options, but don’t forget to check out the map before you go to make sure the hotel is on the strip, where everything is.

Hmmm…So which one should I choose for my next visit? 😀


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  1. 我想 如果真的決定來這裡玩 選這一家旅館應該是對的 貴有貴的道理 回憶應該是很深刻很甜美的吧?!

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