【S】VEGAS- eating i ♥

Apart from the party scene and the gambling, Vegas is also known as a food paradise! So of course, I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect chance to spoil myself a little… 🙂 Here are some of my highlights during our short stay in Vegas-

Brunch at Bouchon

(Please click the photos to enlarge and read the captions)

Bouchon is conveniently located in the Venetian hotel, so we went straight there after we put down our bags in our room. I love the ambiance there, it’s classy, retro, and of course…French. It felt really relaxing just sitting inside and enjoying the sunbeam from the big windows…

I ordered Croque Madame, my ultimate choice for French breakfast/brunch. I’m never really picky when it comes to croque madame because it’s really just toast, egg, cheese, and ham…and something about this simple combination always satisfies me. But I have to say I was expecting a little more from Bouchon because of its high rating and price. The toast was a little too toasted for me, while the one I tried in Cafe Presse (in Seattle) was less than half the price, and the toast didn’t feel like toast- it felt like the whole Croque Madame was one thing instead of ingredients + toast. (that makes sense right?)

Vince ordered “Soup of the Day” (Broccoli soup) and Corned Beef Hash. I thought it was delicious but maybe a little salty without eating it with toast…and we didn’t like the toasted toast. But still, I would probably order this again if I visit here next time. 🙂

In general I loved my dining experience here, and I would love to come back again for lunch or dinner- I heard their french cuisine is amazing too! As for the brunch food, I would say it’s good but probably a little overrated compared with its price.

Dinner buffet at Wynn

Wynn has one of the most popular buffets in Las Vegas, probably one of the most expensive too. But it was perfect because we went there before the show Le Reve, which is also in the Wynn hotel.

When I first walked in, I was amazed by how grand it was…the entrance kind of looks like an indoor garden. It really is a luxury to dine in there. There is also a huge variety of food- you can find anything from Italian, American, Mexican, Asian…not to mention their well-known crabs and shrimps. I have to say my favorite is probably the dessert though..and the beef at the carving station was so fresh! I also love how they have made-to-order pasta and crepe. (I feel like my mouth is watering now…:()

We enjoyed eating there for 2 hours or so, and I would say definitely take your time here since it’s all-you-can-eat! And I actually had to take some short breaks between each round since I felt so full… 😛 I highly recommend Wynn buffet, and I think our Vegas would not be complete without it! But next time, I will probably choose to eat brunch or lunch just because it’s cheaper…especially for me, because I can never stuff so much food at once…:/ I guess I’m not made for buffet…but I still love it! 😀

I love my dining experience in Vegas and I can’t wait to go back again. Next time, I’d love to try Wicked Spoon buffet at Cosmopolitan Hotel. I simply couldn’t eat two buffets in two days this time…:[

Stay tuned for PART TWO :D!



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