【S】VEGAS- entertainment♥

And how can we go to Vegas without watching their well-known shows? Luckily we got to watch fantastic shows for both nights. Both of them are really popular and unique as they only perform in Las Vegas (or at least that I know of). And even though they weren’t cheap, I just have to say they are so worth it- Although I try to tell myself to not splurge so much while traveling (especially as college students), there are things that we should experience while we are already here you know. And honestly, a Vegas experience without the shows is just not complete.

We watched Fantasy at Luxor Resort the first night- it was a pretty spontaneous decision, and we were lucky enough to get a seat in the 4th row considering how last minute it was. You can Youtube or Google it if you are interested, and though the main focus is the girls and their dances, there’s also a spectacular singer who sounds just like Christina Aguilera, and a comedian that made both V and me laugh so hard I felt I almost cried. I thought it was a perfect combination and the show never left us feeling bored. It was also a good choice for both singles and couples. I honestly enjoyed seeing how pretty some of those girls looked, haha. And Vince said this was his highlight of the trip, so I guess that’s enough said… 😉

For the second night, we watched Le Reve in Wynn hotel. It’s really hard to describe the show in a few words, because it’s just so…special, and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Basically, it is performed in a circular pool theater, and some people describe it as “a world where dreams swim in the air and dance on water”.

When I first walked in, the theater itself literally took my breath away…It was so magical. And during the show, my heart pounded so hard and my stomach was flipping inside because of how exciting the performance was! All of performers are trained swimmers and circus performers I believe, because they did so many moves that I thought was absolutely un-doable for humans. I really don’t know how to elaborate more without saying too much, so I guess you just have to experience it yourself….I highly highly recommend it. One thing though, we got a really good seat close to the pool/center, but I think any seat in the theater may be sufficient since it’s all about experiencing the whole central staging.

Here are a few photos that V took during the show (we are allowed to do that :))- I think these are mesmerizing! Love the photos.

Apart from the shows: Since I wasn’t really in the condition to party, we only went to one bar- and I insisted it because Chandelier (in Cosmopolitan Hotel) is just too beautiful! 😀 I will definitely come again- the service was great and the girly drink that I got actually tasted good too 😛

Since I’m already kind of planning (or dreaming about) my next visit, here is a short list of things I’d like to do- 😉 And this needs to happen sooner!

Clubs: XS, Marquee

Shows: Zumanity, Celion Dion, and/or Cirque du Soleil


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5 thoughts on “【S】VEGAS- entertainment♥

  1. Celine Dion!?

    And those photos are sick!! what a great photographer 😉
    Oh man…I’m sure Vince wished he had taken a photo with one of the dancers/models instead!

    I wanna go to a comedian show too….It’s priceless when a performance can make you laugh so hard 🙂 Cuz sometimes they aren’t that funny…if u know what I’m saying.

    • Yes, Celion Dion performs in Vegas in certain seasons. We were almost gonna watch her but she didn’t have any shows on Thursday :/

      And haha I took a photo of him and the models too! Just didn’t put it up here 😉
      I love those photos too! Thanks Nora 😀

  2. 第一場秀是不是要英文很通才行啊? 我看我投第二場秀一票吧! 雖然覺得世界之大 las vegas 好像沒那麼吸引我去玩 but never say never, right?

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