【S】Social Media One-Night Stand I

So for those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s NOT what you think it is. 😛
It’s actually a really fun and informative 3-hr conference/lecture about social media!

This event was hosted by UW Communication Leadership Program, and the speaker was Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University’s Chief Digital Officer and “one of AdAge’s 25 media people to follow on Twitter and one of Poynter’s 35 most influential people in social media”.

I’m so happy to have attended this conference. Apparently this event usually costs $150 in Columbia University, but it only costed $10 for us- What a great value especially for college students! 😉

Originally I planned on writing one post on this conference, but seems like I have too much notes. So I will start with some Twitter tips that I learned. 

About Your Profile


(Mine’s not the best example…But…it’s my blog. So. You can click to enlarge the picture)

  • For your Twitter profile pic: Use recent, recognized photo of yourself. This is especially important when you want to connect with your followers in real life (such as during a conference).
  • You can keep editing your twitter bio. You can include a sentence of recent update/interest as well just to make it more fun/a good conversation starter!
  • Include your email in your twitter bio so that people can contact you if they don’t use twitter (I found this one hard since we could only have 140 characters or so in our bio :/) But it’s definitely a good idea!
  • Don’t forget to include your URL (blog, LinkedIn…) for the same reason as above. 
  • Include handles and hashtags in your twitter bio.
  • Tell people what you do clearly on twitter bio. People have few seconds to decide whether to follow you or not.
  • When you create your handle (account name), ask yourself “what best describes me?” 
  • It’s not advisable to use underscore in your handle- people might forget about it and it  lso takes longer to type it especially on phone… (oops….I might have to change mine soon, especially I’m not a UW student anymore!)

About Followers

  • Who amplifies you is more important than your content. Find out who your “influencers” are. One way to find it out is using Twiangulate– I’m still not sure the logic behind it, but try to interact with the influencers more. And when you tweet, keep them in mind and think “will this tweet interest them? Will it upset them?”
  • Become brands and subject experts in your interests. Don’t just trust your institution.
  • Don’t worry about getting new followers. Service your customers today.

About Your Tweets/Content

  • You want your tweets to be “blue” (or in my case, green)- This means include @handles, #hashtages and/or URLs in your tweets. People can click to see more stuff. And when you use @, at least one person will see it.

My attempt (click to enlarge): 1

  • Tweet as short as you can- easier for people who want to retweet it and they are more likely to see the whole tweet with whichever device they are using.
  • When you retweet, it’s best when you can add some of your own context. Even just a “+1” or a few words
  • Show excellent judgment on twitter. Always treat it as if potential employers are looking at it.
  • Use Twitter Lists! You can name it “People I admire” or anything positive. 😉 People will be flattered to be in the list (I would totally be!)
  • Don’t be shy about retweeting your important tweets because most people probably haven’t seen it. But of course, don’t keep repeating the same thing. Add some different comment. 
  • Visual, Visual, Visual. 

I know- that’s A LOT of information (and that’s not even half of what I learned in the conference). Sorry- I promise Sree was a lot more fun than my article. 

But it might make more sense if you look at Sree’s Twitter page. He’s definitely the best example of what he taught us.  

And lastly, the Social Media Success Formula– (click to enlarge)


Here are some of Sree’s recommened people to follow on Twitter- Feel free to check them out 😉

@jimrosenberg @efstwart @gkofiannan @franzstrasser @jack @brianstelter @amybwang @elanazak @medialabrat

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to answer them if I can. If I can’t (since I’m just a newbie T_T) I will find out for you! 🙂

Huge shout out to Hanson and Sree for this amazing and informative event.
Stay tuned for part 2 and 3.  😀


2 thoughts on “【S】Social Media One-Night Stand I

  1. Just typed some of my comments then I went to click on Sree’s twitter page and now they’re all gone! =(

    Anyway, interesting, I was JUST on your twitter page lol. But all those hashtags and blue links are NOT appealing to my eyes =( haha! So I don’t think I’m gonna keep up with reading it… 😛 jkjk. It’s cool how people use twitter to network, and you’ve definitely been some really cool conferences/lectures! Thanks for sharing ~

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