【S】Social Media One-Night Stand II

Following my last post on the Twitter Tips that I learned from Social Media One Night Stand, this post will focus on some of the general/important concepts to succeed in social media.

Below are some of my biggest takeaways that I’d like to share with you-

  • “Social media is your embassy. Your website is your home country.” -@jimrosenberg

If you have a website, you’d like what you post on your social media channels to eventually lead people to your website and increase traffic or even customers.

  • Always BCollecting: You can decide what you want to do with this information later on. You don’t have to share right away. But always be prepared to collect information.

For example, this picture was taken many months ago before publishing it here- but it happened to fit perfectly with the theme. And obviously, it got a lot of attention. 

  • When you post, think- where is the “emotion” that most people can get behind/relate to?
  • THE DIRTY SECRET OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social media. (But, if you screw up, everyone will see it…)
  • The work has just started after you published it (e.g. your article) online- broadcast and get to your people, work hard for your own stories. Show that you care and what you can bring to the table.
  • We all should be students for our own social media, see what’s working and what’s not.
  • People love Social Good.

2013 Social Media Trends

Social, Mobile, Video, Local.

Sustainable Social Media

  • Use HootSuite or Tweetdeck to manage various accounts (Buffer is a good one too in my opinion- easier to use for beginners as well)

  • NutshellMail to get your social media alerts via email… also try Twilert

  • BlissControl helps you keep up with changes

Social Media Success Formula

Posting this again because it’s so helpful.

Key to success: GRAB ATTENTION!

I hope this post is helpful. I will introduce more useful tools that I learned about from the conference in my next post. Stay tuned! 🙂


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