【S】Social Media One-Night Stand III

Finally, my last post on Social Media One Night Stand. I took so much notes that I had to separate them into 3 posts…

Read Post I on some Twitter Tips and Post II on other important concepts on how to manage your social media channels if you haven’t. For this post, I want to share some online tools that Sree introduced us to. I personally am not using all of them, but feel free to click and learn more about these sites if you are interested. Depending on your needs, I think you will at least find 1-3 sites that you will find useful.


  • TagBoard: a social media hub for hashtags. It searches multiple social networks for posts with a hashtag, and presents it visually so it’s easy to read. Kind of similar to Pinterest in terms of the look I think…Particularly useful when you want to look for things people are talking about at a certain event, such as #sreeatle! (That’s the hashtag we had for this conference.) I assume for job seekers, a useful one could be #JobsInSeattle or something of that sort?
  • SeeSaw: Where you can ask friends for opinions on your social media.
  • Visible Tweets: Twitter visualizations, could be good for a “background” slideshow before/during an event. (e.g., showing what people are talking about this event)
  • Klout: Seeing how much influence you have on social media!
  • Rapportive: Seeing what your contacts are doing on all their social media channels in one place (for Gmail users). AWESOME “CMR” tool.
  • SocialFlow: will tweet when your audience are ready for it (aka the time when it’s most likely to get more engagement). It’s not free…but seems super useful.
  • OneQube: Helps you organizing your contacts and communicating with them. For example, you can choose to DM all your Twitter followers that live in Seattle all at once- but still make it look personal!
  • Twiangulate: find out who your most influencial followers are (and you should probably retweet and favorite them more!)

JOB RELATED: simple tools that help you make your resume stand out/find a job-

  • visualize.me
  • re.vu
  • Brazen Careerist (facebook app)
  • I personally also like Vizify, a simple way to create an online profile for yourself. Check out mine 🙂


  • Viddyjam.com: Pandora for Youtube
  • Coursera: Take the world’s best classes online for free! I’m definitely checking some of these.
  • edX: same as above
  • National Taiwan University (Youtube): if you’re interested in taking classes from Taiwan’s best university (in Mandarin). 🙂
  • Audioname: Fun and even useful for people with names that hard to pronounce…something that you can include on your website.

Alright…I’m finally done! Let me know what tool or site you like the most. 🙂

Until next time,

Sharon Lin


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