【S】Malibu Beach!

I feel like our blog has been too nerdy lately…most of my posts are what I learned from the events/conference I’ve gone to or the books that I’ve read. And Nora wrote about study tips for CPA. Hahaha…what can I say? I guess even though I’ve graduated, I’m still a student at heart and I’m always eager to learn… 🙂

To lighten up the atmosphere, I decided to share my experience in Malibu over Spring break here! 😉

Since I live in Seattle, all I wanted for spring break was somewhere with sun and beach where I could completely relax. Malibu seemed like a great choice because one, it’s relatively close to LAX airport, and two, it’s not as touristy and crowded. And because flight tickets aren’t too bad from Seattle to LA, we treated ourselves to a luxurious inn with private beach in Malibu after a few day stay in LA and Irvine. It is kind of a splurge for me, but it really is worth every penny, especially because it is my last spring break ever…:O

To be honest, since there isn’t a whole lot of information on Malibu, I didn’t really know what to expect except that almost all of the reviews online were very positive. And after my own experience, I can honestly say that those reviews are not exaggerated at all. If anything, they were probably understated! 😉

There isn’t too much to do around Malibu (especially because we didn’t rent a car), which is exactly what I was looking for- spending the whole day in the sun. I came across a quote that says, “At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” And that’s exactly how I felt. Because we are generally busy and sometimes stressed, it was so nice to not care about time and just let it slip away…in fact, I guess I will coin this term, “beach therapy”-because it definitely did it for me. I felt more energized than ever after coming back to Seattle.

I felt like I was in my own paradise while sunbathing, reading and sipping on a glass of wine/beer on the beach. Simply lying on the beach chair was such an enjoyment- the sound of the waves and the seagulls, the smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, and the heat on my body from the sun…everything was so perfect. Even the occasional shouting and crying from the kids playing on the beach didn’t annoy me while I was trying to nap, haha. And because it’s a private beach, it was much more serene and relaxing than many other popular beaches. I’m actually having a pretty difficult time writing this post because I don’t know if I can eloquently describe my feelings. But if I have to choose one word to describe my experience, it would definitely be “paradise”. The temperature was perfect, the service was top notch, the view was unbeatable, and even the food was good (more on that in another post)…I can literally go on forever!

As for the room, I guess there isn’t anything extraordinary about it. But I’m in love with the balcony- it’s right by the beach and it’s so relaxing reading and watching the view by myself in the morning. My other favorite part is opening the floor-length window for a little during the night and listening to the waves while sleeping…and it’s just too beautiful waking up to a beautiful sea view right in front our eyes. But ok, not gonna lie…since I’m such a light sleeper, I got up and closed the window and the curtains after a while, hahaha (I think I just killed the romance). But still, very, very beautiful. 🙂

But even with all these, I think one of my highlights during this trip was having KFC fried chicken while watching Modern Family on stream in the room with V. I know it sounds kind of stupid…This also reminds me one time eating ramen in the suite when we travelled to Leavenworth before going out for star-watching near the suite- and till now that is still one of my favorite memories. I’m not sure why both of these experiences involve junk food…but I honestly just think I get satisfied very easily, and it is this simple happiness that makes me feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world! I really love doing these simple things with people I love. Somehow, it is these ordinary things that make me appreciate what I have and who I have the most. Does anyone else share the same feeling with me, or do I just get happy too randomly? 😛

I hope my post kind of conveys my experience in Malibu (check back for my dining experience- my post will be up in a few days). If you’re my Facebook friend, feel free to check out more pictures in my album- Thanks to my personal photographer (aka boyfriend), I’m so happy to have such beautiful pictures to reminisce with!

I tend to write very poorly when the experience is too good to be described by words…(I hope that’s not just my excuse…) no but really, there are many things in life that you can only understand when you experience it, and Malibu is definitely one.

I tend to be the type of person that likes to experience and explore new and different things, but I want to return to Malibu Beach Inn again for sure (at least before I find another paradise- because this is just too perfect- I can’t imagine anything that can beat it).

In the meantime, I hope the sun stays out in Seattle so I don’t get too desperate.


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