【S】Dining @ Malibu Beach: Carbon Beach Club ♥

We dined at the terrace for lunch on our second day there (read about my experience in Malibu Beach Inn here if you haven’t^^). I didn’t expect much from the restaurant because I imagined people mostly come here for the view. But surprisingly, the food was…amazing.

I finally had gazpacho (Spanish cold soup) for the first time since I left Spain, and it was the perfect choice under a sunny weather. The fish taco was amazing too- it was slightly raw in the middle, and I loved how fresh it tasted.  The squid was our favorite— very chewy and just spicy enough to add some flavor. We also ordered a plate of Mediterranean platter: delicious but probably unnecessary…because in the end both of us were a little too full… 

Note to self- always order one dish less than I initially wanted. Somehow we almost always underestimate the portion of food these high end restaurants have. 

If you live in LA or have the chance to visit, I highly encourage you to drive for half an hour or so and dine here even if you don’t want to spend the money to stay for a night. Really, when I dined here, I literally said to myself: “there’s nothing better than this….” I mean, eating delicious food with the person you love under the perfect ambiance by the beach with exquisite service…if there’s something better than this, please do let me know! 😉

When we went around 11:30 a.m., there weren’t too many people- most people were leaving after breakfast, or hadn’t gotten here for lunch yet. So it was perfect! For a while I was pretending I owned this terrace (haha too much daydreaming). 


Anyways, go there if you have a chance! Really really recommend it. Hope I’ll revisit sooner than later! Oh and don’t forget to click to enlarge the photos if you didn’t…they look better bigger. 😉

【Carbon Beach Club】

Food ★★★★  (delicious and unique. Details above. )

Price ★★★ (3 dollar sign according to Yelp! And with its quality and experience, I almost want to say it’s under-priced.)

Ambiance ★★★★★ Need I say more? 😉 More than perfect.

Service ★★★★☆ They made us feel very comfortable with whatever request we made. Personal and friendly =)


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