【S】Top Pot Doughnut (Bellevue)

I’ve always heard about Top Pot and seen their signs around, but I never got a chance to try their coffee or doughnut. Quite frankly, I’m not a huge fan of doughnut, because almost always they are too sweet for me (so yea, I admit I’m never crazy about all the Krispy Kreme sale on campus…)

In fact, the only type that I really like may be the very basic one that I grew up with (shown below). It’s just much simpler and not overpoweringly sweet. Does anyone feel the same way as I do? 🙂

But I guess Top Pot Doughnut is famous for a reason. Because I always have something for pink dessert, and I don’t like anything too sweet- I decided to give Raspberry Ring a try. And yum! I enjoyed every single bite of it, and I just love how soft the doughnut was. It was the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, and I personally think it’s a really “girly” taste that almost all girls would like. I’m not sure where this logic came from, but just give it a try and you might know what I mean? 



See? I didn’t even think of taking a picture before taking a bite- but I realized I had to document it after a few bites and a few sips of my Hazelnut Americano. 

Speaking of my coffee drink, I have to say this is the best Hazelnut Americano I’ve ever had. I’m not sure what it is, but the scent of the hazelnut is much stronger and sweeter, and I wish I ordered a 12-ounce! 

I’m not a huge coffee drinker (most of the time I order Chai Tea Latte, which isn’t…coffee), because unfortunately coffee has become more of a “necessity” when I just need to power up in the morning. So over the years, I started to enjoy coffee less…

SO, for me to say this is the best hazelnut americano I’ve ever had- that’s definitely something. (P.S. I like to order Hazelnut Americano with room to add some milk, because there’s no way I can drink a pure americano.)

I’m probably gonna order the same thing next time I go back. And the best part is that it’s also in a couple of different neighborhoods around Seattle, so you don’t need to go all the way to Bellevue for Top Pot. But I personally love the ambiance here, (look at the book shelf! Ah I’m such a nerd!) and it doesn’t hurt that the barista was… pretty attractive… 😉

If you have been or are planning on going there, please do share your experience with me too! 🙂

Top Pot Doughnut

Food ★★★★  (Very happy with my coffee and doughnut…)

Price ★ (1 dollar sign according to Yelp. I spent under $5 for my drink and doughnut. :))

Ambiance ★★★★ (Right next to Bellevue Place, very conveniently located, plus free 1-hour parking. I also love their floor length windows. It felt really cozy staying here on a rainy morning.)

Service ★★★☆ It was mostly self-service, but kudos to the barista’s good look. JK…they were all friendly. But yea…he was really good looking! :O So go!


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One thought on “【S】Top Pot Doughnut (Bellevue)

  1. 嘿嘿嘿 妹妹是寫給我看的吧 準備要帶我們去吃對吧? 啊 你幫我們定的旅館有附早餐嗎?

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