【S】Fashion Inspiration: “500 Days of Summer”

Today I’m going to an event on campus talking about Fashion and Blogging. Both are such passions of mine, but for some reason I haven’t blogged about fashion since forever. Maybe it’s just because there are so many brilliant fashion bloggers out there that I feel I’m not unique or confident enough to offer something new. And I don’t really consider myself “fashionable”, but I do appreciate the beauty of it. I guess I’ll ask for tonight’s speakers’ opinions. 

On top of the regular posts that I have written for College Fashion two years ago, I suddenly remember I’ve written a post on fashion inspired by “500 Days of Summer” for our Fashion Club blog. 

Before I can’t find it anymore, I thought I might as well share it here. It might be a good start? Plus I still love Zooey’s style in this movie. 🙂 Keep in mind though- I wrote this when I was a Freshman in college…So yea, that’s enough said I guess. 

Interestingly, 500 Days of Summer is now one of my favorite movies, but when I first watched it I didn’t actually completely understand the meaning. Funny how our own experiences change the way we see a movie…right?


Do you feel that your style has become limited or are you bored with your clothes? Do you want to try something new with your personal style but don’t know how? Or do you simply want to have a greater variety of fashion inspiration?

In fashion, inspiration is endless. We don’t only get inspiration from runway shows or street looks, but also from movies, paintings, history, and even furniture or buildings. Basically everything in our daily life can inspire our style. So in this section, we will include a variety of fashion inspiration, and hope you can get some new and fresh ideas into your closet!

I decided to do my first “Fashion Inspiration” article on the award-nominated movie, “500 Days of Summer”. Honestly speaking, it is not my type of movie, as I tend to prefer the unrealistic and romantic love that lasts forever. However, I found myself completely attracted to Summer Finn’s (played by Zooey Deschanel) clothes. Her style is simple with a retro feel, which, with a few alterations, can be pulled-off easily in our everyday life.

General Style

I will start with the elements for the general style: dress shirts, preppy style elements and high-waist bottoms.

Dress shirt
Summer often wears dress shirts, both to work and to a date. It makes her look smart but fun at the same time! There are many types of dress shirts, but to have Summer’s cute and feminine look, I suggest shirts with lace-collars, butterfly sleeves, or a long dress shirt that can be worn as a dress. This way, you won’t look overdressed.

Preppy Style 

This is one of my favorite styles of all time! Summer pulls it off really well by simply wearing a shirt under a plaid cardigan and a pleated skirt. If you don’t want to look like you are wearing a school uniform, you can choose only one or a few of the elements and shorten the skirt for a sexier look. Wearing a tie can also be really cute!

One of the easiest ways to have a retro style is to wear high-waist skirt or shorts. This not only adds more variety to your look, but it can also make your legs look longer. Summer often pairs her high-waist bottoms with a dress shirt. Another simple way to do this is to wear a high-waist dress, or use a belt above the waist to have a more defined hour-glass shape.
p.s. Please scroll up to “Dress Shirt” section for picture reference from the movie. 

Special Elements 
If you don’t particularly want to look like Summer, but want to use some of the elements in her style to spice up your own, here are some cute ideas that I like about her style.

This is just a color that I repetitively see in her clothes. I personally have lots of blue clothes for some reason, but if you don’t, I think blue creates a comfortable and soft look, and it’d be a more lively basic color compared to black or grey.

I have realized that Summer often puts bow in her hair. It is definitely cute, and you can wear it as a headband like Blair Waldorf of “Gossip Girl”, or as a hair tie. This is also a great element for a school-girl look.



Brooches can add color to a plain shirt, and you can easily create a vintage look by coordinating brooches with your outfit. You can put one on the collar of a shirt like Summer does, pin it on your pearl necklace, or pin it on your scarf, which is both unique and useful to keep the scarf in place!

Here are some outfits I put together on Polyvore. I hope it can give you some inspiration!
(Please excuse my beginner-level of putting these together…it’s my first time using polyvore 😛 any comment/suggestion is appreciated!)

Now, are you ready to create your own Summer-inspired look?


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