【S】Cherry Blossom @ University of Washington ❀

I’m a little (or not a little…) late on this, but I still wanted to share because the photos are so beautiful. ; )


Every year around late March to early April, I always sense the strongest school spirit and pride- everyone keeps talking about how beautiful our campus is and how proud and lucky we are as huskies. And even after 4 years here, this is still the time of the year that I look forward to the most. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the cherry blossoms…

I still remember when I first got a brochure from UW during junior year in high school, the three things that immediately caught my attention were 1. the “Harry Potter Library” (aka Suzzallo), 2. the view of Mount Rainer on a sunny day, and 3. the Quad, full of cherry blossoms. So ever since my freshman year, I had been looking forward to seeing them with my own eyes, and till this day, I still brag about it to my friends and family, haha.

If you’re a UW student and haven’t got a chance to take great pictures (which isn’t the rarest  because it’s sometimes during the time of finals/spring break, and it’s not always the easiest to get the best pictures because of timing/weather), don’t wait until it’s too late (that’s why I was so determined this year :P). And if you are thinking of visiting Seattle, this is also something that you’d never want to miss. 🙂

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【S】Explore Washington :)

Thanks to Vince’s class project, I had an excuse to explore parts of Washington that I probably would have never heard of. He wanted to go to places that are more rural and that have different mix of demographics. So after a little bit of research, we chose Duvall and Carnation, two tiny towns that are less than an hour away from Seattle.

Because our main purpose was to get some work done, our decision to visit was very spontaneous. I really didn’t expect much (because from my super brief research online, it seemed like “middle of nowhere”–which is what he wanted for the project), but I fell in love with Duvall immediately after we drove in– it’s such a cute and historic little town! I had a feeling that their “downtown” is just this one street called “Main Street”- And all the shops had really cute signs- kind of reminded me of what I saw in Bainbridge Island. In general, nothing appeared “commercialized”, and I love seeing people just randomly bumping into friends or relatives they know in this ice cream shop that we sat at. And when we drove up to a family farm, everyone who walked or drove towards us would wave at us. It’s so interesting how different life is just less than an hour away from Seattle…

(Scroll over the photos to see captions)

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【S】Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now

Following my last post on my feelings (a combination of excitement and anxiety) as a recent graduate, this post will include some helpful advice I learned from Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now”. 

I agree with my friends and family who tell me to not over think, and to cherish and focus on the present (thanks for calming me down :))— especially because this may be the only time we can actually be overwhelmed with the amount of options we have—so in a way, we might as well cherish it. But still, with all this uncertainty, it’s always helpful for me to hear from people who have gone through the same thing before. 🙂

Anyways, below are some of my favorite quotes from the book- I didn’t write much about the “relationship/love” part, but if you’re interested, in the book she also offers some great advice about relationship and marriage…which I guess is good to keep in the back of our mind too… Because after all, marriage is the family we choose, and who we marry will most likely determine a huge portion of our happiness. Anyways, I got off topic/started thinking too much again. Read below pls 🙂

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【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [2/2]

Hello Sharon,

Hope you enjoyed my last blog post about downtown Charleston 🙂 Do you think that’s somewhere you would want to visit one day? Anyway, I gotta say my favorite part of the trip was the Middleton Place, where we spent hours on the second day.

Middleton Place is a huge and beautiful plantation built in several phases throughout the 18th and 19th century, and many of the Middleton family played important roles in the colonial history of South Carolina. Of course they were extremely wealthy, and had enormous amount of slaves to work for them–it must have been difficult to manage such a huge plantation! It’s hard to describe to you my feelings for this place…I just know that I could stay there all day long. I think that’s why I love the nature, I get so touched by its power and its beauty…it makes me feel like all my personal problems are not as big of a deal as what I thought they would be…Anyways, one of my favorite spots was the Butterfly Lake (the picture below), so serene and peaceful 🙂


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【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [1/2]

Hi, Sharon!

So…I guess it’s about time to share my spring break vacation with you 😉 I would say I had a pretty atypical spring break for a “college student”. You know, no crazy drinking until 3 AM, or getting sunburn from laying on the beach all day. Honestly, I was deciding between Hawaii and Cancun in the beginning, all I wanted was somewhere warm and relaxing…until my housemate Keren mentioned Charleston, and I’m so glad I took her advice 😀

Mike and I had 3 full days in Charleston, so let me walk you through? :] I gotta admit that i’m pretty proud of myself for making my own itinerary…hehe I worked hard on it!

Day 1Downtown Charleston


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