【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [1/2]

Hi, Sharon!

So…I guess it’s about time to share my spring break vacation with you 😉 I would say I had a pretty atypical spring break for a “college student”. You know, no crazy drinking until 3 AM, or getting sunburn from laying on the beach all day. Honestly, I was deciding between Hawaii and Cancun in the beginning, all I wanted was somewhere warm and relaxing…until my housemate Keren mentioned Charleston, and I’m so glad I took her advice 😀

Mike and I had 3 full days in Charleston, so let me walk you through? :] I gotta admit that i’m pretty proud of myself for making my own itinerary…hehe I worked hard on it!

Day 1Downtown Charleston


We started our first day with a carriage ride in downtown Charleston, because I thought it would be a good idea to learn something about the town and its history before we began exploring the area. And a carriage ride is definitely less dry than museums right? I mean, you know how obsessed I am with museums, but I didn’t want to bore Mike…I felt blessed enough that he was willing to come to Charleston with me 😛

P.S. We left the hotel around 9 AM and parked by the river–that was the only place where we could find free parking (I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t do my homework beforehand–so always do some research before you go on a trip!)

I found it interesting that we weren’t able to know which “route” we would take for the ride until the day of. Apparently there are 3 routes we could take for the carriage tour, but the guides only get assigned right at the moment, in order to avoid traffic and horses running into each other…a pretty brilliant idea isn’t it? Our route consisted lots of churches and architecture, and it was very exciting for me to actually apply what I learned in my art history classes a few years ago in this trip 😉 That’s why I love art–you can see influences from different cultures/history in it, and Charleston in particular had influences from South Africa, the Caribbeans, and the British.


I especially enjoyed touring around those huge houses. Our carriage tour guide, Tod, told us that since South Carolina lost a lot of money from the war, they didn’t have much money to repair the buildings…But it’s almost like a bless now, because that’s the reason why Charleston still keeps a lot of the old buildings and houses from years ago–A true time capsule 🙂 He also said that most people in Charleston are locals, they only had 4 different mayors within 100 years (since it has been the same people/families voting) and immigration only started increasing in the recent years. At the same time, I can’t imagine how much they’ve gone through after the Civil War…South Carolina used to be one of the richest states, yet they’re still recovering from it nowadays…

Sorry I can go on and on about its rich history and architecture! Haha. Well unfortunately after the carriage ride I had to go back to the hotel to get changed because it was mad windy! We came back in the afternoon and strolled around downtown for a few hours 🙂 I have to say Charleston is the second best city to get lost in while walking around ❤ (you should know the answer for #1 without asking–Paris of course!) Um…I’ll end this post with a beautiful photo of the Rainbow Row then! Adorable, right? ^____^




Until then, Nora


2 thoughts on “【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [1/2]

  1. 嗯 這個地方真的很"飄"哦 最後這張照片的顏色還真馬卡龍,好美的粉彩色 我喜歡!

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