【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [2/2]

Hello Sharon,

Hope you enjoyed my last blog post about downtown Charleston 🙂 Do you think that’s somewhere you would want to visit one day? Anyway, I gotta say my favorite part of the trip was the Middleton Place, where we spent hours on the second day.

Middleton Place is a huge and beautiful plantation built in several phases throughout the 18th and 19th century, and many of the Middleton family played important roles in the colonial history of South Carolina. Of course they were extremely wealthy, and had enormous amount of slaves to work for them–it must have been difficult to manage such a huge plantation! It’s hard to describe to you my feelings for this place…I just know that I could stay there all day long. I think that’s why I love the nature, I get so touched by its power and its beauty…it makes me feel like all my personal problems are not as big of a deal as what I thought they would be…Anyways, one of my favorite spots was the Butterfly Lake (the picture below), so serene and peaceful 🙂




Mike and I got there around 11 AM, and we went on this garden tour for a little bit where they filled us in with some brief background of the plantation, its design and history, as well as introduced some of the farming animals. There is also a museum there that showcases the Middleton Family’s house.

After the tour we went to lunch there and tried their famous shrimps and grits, but I have to say I was a little disappointed 😦 Then I just walked around the plantation and tried to enjoy its beauty as much as I could before Mike got impatient with those pink and purple flowers 😛 Haha. I kinda got tired towards the end anyway, that was a lot of walking! Can you imagine the Middleton Place was actually someone’s residence!? And apparently the gap between the rich and the poor is still pretty dramatic in South Carolina nowadays. 

Oh yeah, this is how shrimps and grits look like–really famous in the South. We ate at Hominy Grill for dinner–yum!!


Next day, we went to Folly Beach (a few of the scenes from Dear John were filmed there, and the Notebook too, if I remember it correctly), it was nice and sandy except it wasn’t warm enough to swim! And too bad that we didn’t have much time to spare because we had to rush back to downtown for a cruise to Fort Sumter…I have to say I learned so much from this trip, I had no idea about the Civil War and what was happening between North (Union) and South (Confederates) in the 1860s, or the human rights and slavery issues back then…I don’t usually like history but I found the Fort Sumter cruise super interesting. That’s why I said this trip was ideal, not only fun but also educational 😉



Lastly, we went to dinner at Poogan’s Porch, a pretty fancy and popular restaurant in downtown Charleston–I almost thought I was in Europe! I tried the duck dish, highly recommended 🙂



2 thoughts on “【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [2/2]

  1. 我覺得歐美國家的人民真的很幸福 地大物饒 看妳隨便在哪照像 好像都沒看到擁擠的人潮 這樣才叫渡假對嗎? 真高興妳收穫滿滿哦

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