【S】Explore Washington :)

Thanks to Vince’s class project, I had an excuse to explore parts of Washington that I probably would have never heard of. He wanted to go to places that are more rural and that have different mix of demographics. So after a little bit of research, we chose Duvall and Carnation, two tiny towns that are less than an hour away from Seattle.

Because our main purpose was to get some work done, our decision to visit was very spontaneous. I really didn’t expect much (because from my super brief research online, it seemed like “middle of nowhere”–which is what he wanted for the project), but I fell in love with Duvall immediately after we drove in– it’s such a cute and historic little town! I had a feeling that their “downtown” is just this one street called “Main Street”- And all the shops had really cute signs- kind of reminded me of what I saw in Bainbridge Island. In general, nothing appeared “commercialized”, and I love seeing people just randomly bumping into friends or relatives they know in this ice cream shop that we sat at. And when we drove up to a family farm, everyone who walked or drove towards us would wave at us. It’s so interesting how different life is just less than an hour away from Seattle…

(Scroll over the photos to see captions)


Before we left home, I also saw online that there’s a family farm with alpacas in Duvall. So we decided to pay it a visit to experience farm life a little. When I saw the alpacas, I literally just started laughing and screaming- there’s just something about their look that’s so..funny and ugly (in a very cute way). Seriously, no offense at all, but how do they look like that? Haha! So adorable. 😛

To be honest, when I first heard of alpacas, I didn’t even know they were real (I know…please don’t judge). Part of it was because their name in Mandarin sounds very similar to “F**k Your Mother”, so I really thought someone just invented them for fun. When I finally saw them in real life, they just looked so funny to me. They are incredibly soft too! ❤

We also had a chance to chat with the family, and saw other animals like horses (the small one is SO cute), goats, and their guardian dogs. It’s so hard to imagine living with all these animals on a daily basis, but being in touch with nature made me feel so relaxed and recharged. 🙂

Just a side note- since a few of my friends have been asking me where to see alpacas (hahah is alpaca like a thing now?)- there are actually many more places you can see them, such as Whidbey Island and Mount Vernon! Just Google. 😉

Anyways, the project didn’t end up working well, so we probably won’t have another trip like this soon. But I loved this getaway so much! It also made me realize how lucky we are to live in Seattle– we are so close to nature and can easily get out to the countryside just for fun. I love exploring new places, and I’m so glad we got the chance to see Duvall and Carnation.

So would I go again? Probably not, because there really isn’t much more to it (though this White Chocolate Mocha Smoothie tasted DELICIOUS…!). But I highly recommend my friends to just randomly pick a city nearby if they want to find something to do or explore a little during the weekend (especially for the ones that may be leaving soon! :'(). I guarantee there will be a pleasant surprise anywhere you go 😉 Plus, the weather has been so beautiful lately, wouldn’t it be great to just get out of the city and relax?

Lastly, I apologize for the quality of my unedited photos- this is the quality I have to settle for when I am the photographer… But I hope you enjoy the cute faces of the animals 😉

And of course, let me know what you think of the towns if you get to visit, or where you’d recommend me to go to! 😀

Thanks for reading ^^!


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