【S】Cherry Blossom @ University of Washington ❀

I’m a little (or not a little…) late on this, but I still wanted to share because the photos are so beautiful. ; )


Every year around late March to early April, I always sense the strongest school spirit and pride- everyone keeps talking about how beautiful our campus is and how proud and lucky we are as huskies. And even after 4 years here, this is still the time of the year that I look forward to the most. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the cherry blossoms…

I still remember when I first got a brochure from UW during junior year in high school, the three things that immediately caught my attention were 1. the “Harry Potter Library” (aka Suzzallo), 2. the view of Mount Rainer on a sunny day, and 3. the Quad, full of cherry blossoms. So ever since my freshman year, I had been looking forward to seeing them with my own eyes, and till this day, I still brag about it to my friends and family, haha.

If you’re a UW student and haven’t got a chance to take great pictures (which isn’t the rarest  because it’s sometimes during the time of finals/spring break, and it’s not always the easiest to get the best pictures because of timing/weather), don’t wait until it’s too late (that’s why I was so determined this year :P). And if you are thinking of visiting Seattle, this is also something that you’d never want to miss. 🙂

Oh, and the best time to take pictures? Early morning, Weekday, Sunny. Otherwise, you’ll probably see tons of people in the background, or have mediocre photos when it’s cloudy or rainy.  Just my two cents. 🙂

^I really, really love this one. Whenever I look at my beautiful photos, I just feel so thankful to have a boyfriend like Vince…thanks honey :’)



IMG_9947 ^I love the depth of field in this one…beautiful!

This is the only picture taken by me. My roommate and boyfriend apparently think it's ugly, but I really like the sunshine... :P I mean, that's something I never take for granted after living here for years!
^This is the the only picture taken by me. Apparently my roommate and boyfriend think it’s ugly from a photography standpoint, but I really like the sunshine… 😛 I mean, that’s something I never take for granted after living in Seattle!

^And, of course I’m wearing my UW sweater for the photos! 😀



^Actually, this photo was taken by me too! ( I had to clarify so I won’t damage my boyfriend’s reputation haha) I always love how cherry blossoms near Mary Gates Hall are pinker than the ones in the Quad. 🙂


IMG_9902 ^One of my favorites…! 😀



IMG_9858 ^This is the photo taken on a Sunny Sunday! I literally have never seen this many people in the Quad all at once. Our campus really turns into a tourist attraction/public park during this time when it’s sunny. 😛

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! ^^
You can see more photos taken by Vince in most of my other posts on traveling.

Photos credit to Vince Hung


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