【N】帕紹 : 童話國度 (Passau: Fairy Tale Kingdom)

Dear sis ❤

How’s your internship going? I hope you are still learning a lot! So Mom and I went to Passau a few days ago, it was super adorable! It’s a town in Lower Bavaria, and it’s also known as “City of Three Rivers“, because it is where Danube (多瑙河) is joined by Inn (因河) and Ilz (伊爾茲河). 🙂 Well in this picture you can only see Danube and Inn…see how they have different colors?

Passau is a little less than 2 hours away from Munich, and really close to the border of Czech Republic and Austria. And guess what!? There’s no speed limit on the highway for the most part! My record was 180 km/hr, which is equivalent to 110 mph…pretty crazy right!? 😉 But honestly I still need more practice in driving…parallel parking took me forever when we were at Passau… 😦 Here is a picture of me before we headed to Passau! All confident and fearless haha

We first went to see the dome, called “St. Stephen’s Cathedral“. I really thought it was one of the most breathtaking churches I’ve ever seen, both in and out! And it has the largest cathedral organs in the world, too bad Mom and I missed their daily concert at noon :/ … (because I took too long to park!) But apparently that organ concert in the cathedral would have costed us 4 euros per person, how come our tour book told us it was free? 😛

Then, we drove up to Veste Oberhaus, a fortress across from Danube River. That’s where we can see the rivers meet! Mom was super excited when we got up there, she kept repeating how cute the town was 🙂 I mean really, those houses look so tiny from up top, they look like they come from a fairy tale kingdom…where little dwarfs live!! The view was great!! Can you spot St. Stephen’s Cathedral? 😉

And now, Rathaus…

In real life (aka picture taken in front of it)


In fairy tale (aka taken from veste oberhaus/ up top)


Did you fall in love with Passau yet? :D…

There was this French gourmet market thing going on in Passau while we visited, hearing French and seeing lavender soaps from Provence made me miss Southern France so bad...They were selling sausages, macaroons, honey, cheese, crepes, soaps…etc. Oh the memories… 😦 I’m still debating whether I should take a trip to France this summer!

Anyways, I really enjoyed my one-day trip to Passau with Mom 🙂 I love little old towns like this, such an adorable fairy tale kingdom isn’t it?! Lots of cute shops too…






2 thoughts on “【N】帕紹 : 童話國度 (Passau: Fairy Tale Kingdom)

  1. I’m so happy that you took me there! Ya, for the first time in our 22 years together, you are finally the one who’s leading me 🙂
    But actually you guided us in Aix…2 years ago!

  2. awww! Looks like you and mum are having so much fun together! 🙂
    I wish I can visit places like this- I love cute little towns and boutiques.

    Thanks for sharing! Your ‘cheer’ photo is so cute 😛

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