【N】慕尼黑 Munich & 騎士秀 Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (2/2)

Hi Sharon!

I have to say my second day with Gem and Sophie was full of yummy food! 😀 (But the highlight IS the knights tournament *KALTENBERGER RITTERTURNIER*, read on to find out more! Haha) First, we came back to Munich city center and shopped around Viktualienmarkt, a daily food market right by Marienplatz. I had them try some sausages at the store where I first visited with Mom and cousin a couple weeks ago, and oh, of course a mug of white beer is a must! Gem kept saying how she was so content 🙂 You have to come here soon to try some real German food, Sharon!

P.S. How do you like my new necklace? Gem got it for me from Barcelona 🙂

The picture below was actually taken when I went there with Mom. My favorite weiss wursts (white sausages) with that sweet mustard sauce!

After we were done walking around and shopping for souvenirs, we headed to English Garden. Honestly, I wouldn’t say English Garden is a must-go because it’s definitely not the most gorgeous or peaceful garden on earth. However, I did quite enjoy the vibe over there! Us three girls ordered a dish of dessert and chilled with live band performance at the beer garden for at least an hour, it’s a perfect spot to relax and chat 🙂 Everyone just seemed so happy there!

AND! *drumroll please*…..The highlight of my weekend…KALTENBERGER RITTERTURNIER! (Knights/Medieval Tournament)

I know I’ve already told you pretty much everything on Skype the other day, but I thought I’d do some re-cap with some awesome pictures 😉 Hopefully someone in the future will find this helpful…because it was really difficult for me to find a blog (and more information) on this tournament before I went there–most of the tour books don’t even mention this! (With a good reason though, since this tournament only performs on three weekends in July)

It took us about an hour from Munich city center by “S-4” (like subway/metro). You see where Marienplatz is on the map? So that’s in the middle, and Geltendorf (where the tournament is close by) is all the way down…And after we get off from S-Bahn, there was a shuttle bus (less than 2 euros) that sent us directly to where the tournament is! Not too bad, yeah? And our ticket was 37 euros each, the price ranges from 33 euros ~ 65 euros depending on where you sit, and there are also standing tickets available for 23 euros. I think our seats were pretty decent, definitely good enough 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend getting standing tickets though, because the show is 2 hours long, and you will have to stand behind the sitting area…

We arrived about an hour before the tournament began at 8 pm, to explore the medieval market (which opened at 4 pm) with traditional handcrafts and culinary delicacies. They were also selling some traditional costumes and accessories from the old time…It was amazing! Everyone there (except for the visitors…well, actually some visitors came dressed up too!) were dressed up in their medieval costumes, some of the artists participated in spontaneous street shows, and some others were just walking around. I really felt like being back in time! I felt like I was in a different world! I’ve never experienced anything close to this or similar to this, I thought I’d only experience those medieval scenes in movies…


I loveee those tents shown in the picture above!!!

And the tournament itself was awesome too, we were cheering for the whole time…Everything seemed so real. There was also this part where the knights “showed off” their tricks and skills, like riding on the horse standing up and/or up-side-down…That was hot. Sophie and Gem said it was like “Game of Thrones” in real life! I’ve never seen the show but I thought this might help you visualize 🙂

I wish I’m better at expressing myself…but anyways, I highly recommend this tournament! I really hope you will get a chance to experience this!

Official website–> http://www.ritterturnier.de/en.html

So Gem and Sophie left the next day, and I went to Olympic Park with Mom for “Tollwood Festival” 🙂 Not as exciting as Kaltenberger Ritterturnier, but it’s always nice to spend some quality time with Mom right? ❤

Lots of Love, Nora


2 thoughts on “【N】慕尼黑 Munich & 騎士秀 Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (2/2)

  1. Haha this is amazing! You’re too lucky!
    Maybe mum and I can go together next summer if there’s a chance? 😛 There’s no way I’d miss out on this if i were there!

    And yes, I do like ur necklace- the funny thing is i was gonna say it doesn’t look like sth you would buy though lol. I guess I know you well? :3

    Again, thanks for sharing!
    But I mean, that’s the least you could do…considering you’re having so much fun traveling while I”m working…

    haha but then again, I love my job! 😀

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