【N】Finally, London

Hi Sharon!!

While you are busy at work and slacking on blogs, I finally made it to LONDON! 😀 I’m so glad to finally get a chance to visit your favorite city…Of course, I’m sure it was really special for Dad and Mom, since they went there 20 years ago ❤ (Without us…Remember we asked them to bring back a music box from England and that never happened? :P) Hehe look at my super touristy photo by the telephone booth!

We were in London for 5 days, and I think that’s just about perfect. I have to be honest, London didn’t top Paris and Aix-en-Provence in my opinion, but it’s definitely a big and modern city full of history. I guess I loved Paris so much because though it is “city of lights” and has so much to offer during day and night, it’s also surrounded by arts…very classical and romantic, more slow-paced than other big cities that I’ve been to 🙂 I’m not that saying London is not, but I can totally see why you loved London so much! It’s a perfect spot for a city girl right? 😛 Hehe. Nonetheless, I was still really excited when I saw the Big Ben…And before I start rambling on, I just wanna say that…regardless of whether London will be on the top of my list to revisit in the future, this place did fulfill my three little dreams: A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Manet, Harry Potter Studio Tour, and Les Miserables… ❤ I feel so blessed!!! Thank you, London!!!

As you know, Mom is obsessed with markets 😛 So the first day we were there, we spent the whole afternoon/evening at Portobello Market. It was way too crowded, but still really fun. They sell everything there! From vegies and food to antiques and clothes. I always think that visiting a local market is one of the best ways to explore their culture 🙂 I bought two obnoxious souvenirs that say “Houseworks can’t kill you, but why take a chance?“, and “Princess sleeps here, do not disturb“. Haha! They’re totally gonna go on my fridge and my bedroom door … 😛

On the second day, we went to the famous British Museum and then Covent Garden, ended the day with a boat tour of London that your VP recommended 🙂 From where the Big Ben is, to the Tower of London. I was never a fan of boat tours and/or bus tours, cuz I always thought they were so “touristy” and kinda like, Oh okay I’ve seen it and taken a picture of it, now I can go. But the cruise on River Thame was actually really nice!!! I mean, it was beautiful and the view was great. I think it’s especially perfect for those who don’t have enough time or don’t have a strong interest to visit and explore every landmark (and of course, for those who enjoy the river view), and it really worked out for Mom and me since she has been to all those places already. 

Other adventures in London include shopping (a lot of shopping, actually), more museums, the Royal Mews, all those famous landmarks, and Hyde Park…etc. Here is a picture of me with my favorite painting by my favorite artist Manet! I went to the Courtauld Gallery  just for this! It was a very special moment… 🙂 I don’t remember when I first heard of this painting, but I learned about its story during my Freshman year, and have wanted to see it in person ever since. 

And this is Dad and me in front of Queen’s Theatre. Literally, it was a dream come true for him…He has wanted to seen this years ago! I remember listening to the songs and watching DVDs of previous Broadway shows with him before 🙂 And I recently found out that Dad has multiple CDs and DVDs of Les Mis! Indeed another super special moment in London…^_^

You must be wondering where the Harry Potter pictures are! Well, I’ll dedicate another blog entry for the studio tour! Hehe 🙂 Do look forward to it ❤ 


Love, Nora


2 thoughts on “【N】Finally, London

  1. 1. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing with me Nora! You have no idea how much I wanna be in London right now… 🙂 So glad now that you aren’t the only one that hasn’t been to London in our family anymore, hehehe 😛
    2. I can totally see those obnoxious signs in your apartment…they match you well :3
    3. Beautiful photos, beautiful weather!!!!!
    4. Wish i can see les mis soooooon :(:(:(……..
    5. Cute bag in the last photo!

  2. 哇,看完Nora的這一篇遊記,才發現我忘了在我的網誌裡介紹Courtauld Gallery ,我覺得那天妳在畫廊裡把妳喜歡的這幅作品解說的很詳盡,我很有感覺哦;回台灣之後,要去找找看那本專門介紹這幅畫的書來看看!

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