【N】2013.07.30 Harry Potter Studio Tour

What comes in your mind when you hear “London” or “England“? Tea? The Big Ben? And maybe their sexy accent? Well, for me, it’s all of the above and Harry Potter!

When Mom mentioned that we were going to London, I was super pumped and I started asking around and researching online to see where I had to visit other than the obvious landmarks. After browsing through some other people’s travel blogs online (btw, I think reading other travelers’ blogs is a great way to start any trip planning-super helpful!), I randomly googled “Harry Potter London”, then I came across this article about the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It talks about how you get to see Diagon Alley in real life and to learn about the special effects shown in the movie series. And I was like, how can I miss the chance to go behind-the-scenes!? And I have to say, it didn’t disappoint me at all. I enjoyed every single minute there!!! 


Yay! Off to Hogwarts! 😀 Haha jk, this was at King’s Cross Station in London.

For those of you who might be interested in going, make sure to book the tickets online in advance, because they don’t sell the tickets at the studio (Buy here–>http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/) I booked the tickets about a week before I left to London, and there was only one time slot left before mid-August!

Tube Map

How to get there? Since Mom and I were staying close to the Paddington Station, we just took the tube (underground) to Harrow & Wealdstone (last stop on the Backerloo Line, the brown line, see picture above), changed it to Overground and then got off at Watford Junction, the last stop of that Overground line. (Apparently we could have changed to Overground at Queen’s Park…I should have known that Overground is a lot faster…) It’s actually pretty simple, took us a little more than an hour to get there. And at Watford Junction, you will see a big shuttle bus that says “Harry Potter” and it will take you directly to the studio 🙂 Did I mention that it was playing Harry Potter music in the shuttle bus!? It got all of us super pumped!

So this was the first “room” that we saw after entering the lobby–Harry’s tiny room at the Dursley’s! I was so excited once we got there that I wasn’t listening to what Mom was saying at all…haha. I think it would have been more exciting if you were there with me, since we are both such big fans! But still, I really appreciated Mom’s company and she was actually pretty amazed by the studio tour 🙂

Then, some staff took us in a theater room and we watched a brief video of how Harry Potter became what it is today. I thought that was really touching…who would have thought a children’s book series would become such a big deal!? Fans all over the world and books in multiple languages. I feel so happy to be born in the “Harry Potter era“, we literally grew up with it didn’t we? 🙂

The picture above is me in the Great Hall! Where Harry first came and got sorted into Gryffindor…so many scenes were shot here 🙂 It felt so magical being there, I was in Hogwarts! Hehe. It’s actually a lot smaller than it seems in the movies though.

Oh yeah, and one thing that I found really cool was that the audio guide was led by Draco Malfoy! I meant, Tom Filton 😛

So we spent about three hours there, saw the sets (boy’s dormitory, potion classroom, Dumbledore’s office, the Weasley’s, the Darsley’s, the Diagon Alley…etc), the costumes, the props, and saw multiple behind-the-scenes stories and interviews. Let me show you some of my favorites!

Ron has always been my favorite, of course I had to take a picture with his bed 😉 With the blankie that Mrs. Weasley sewed for him! (I literally went, awwwww….)

Their Common Room 🙂

Do you remember this clock at the Weasley’s? Super cute 😛 A really stalker-ish thing now that I think about it haha.

Below, that’s Hogwarts Bridge, apparently this wasn’t in the book. This is where Ron went, “who are you, and what have you done with Hermione Granger?” Remember? 😛 After Hermione saying something about how “breaking the rule” was exciting 😛

Oh hey, I found the clip–>

And two more~

Ahh, look! Ron’s favorite!

And now, the Diagon Alley 🙂

It was so magical, Sharon >_< I still can’t believe I was there, where these main actors and actresses spent 10 years of their life there filming! It was also very interesting to learn about the special effects and hear about how much work and efforts they had put in making those props and models! There will most likely be no more Harry Potter books and films...but it will live forever in my heart ❤ I hope you enjoy these pictures! I think I’ve never put so many photos in my blog before 😛

P.s. I thought it would be cute to find clips of the scenes shot on these sets 🙂 I got them from YouTube (aka I don’t own any of these)…I don’t know how it works to put up videos and pictures from other websites…just don’t wanna get in trouble haha! 😛 You’ll notice that I got a lot of them from “Funny Weasley Scene”, you know I’m obsessed!!!



4 thoughts on “【N】2013.07.30 Harry Potter Studio Tour

  1. OMGGGGG!!!!
    I’m soooo jealous. omgggg.
    the photos are SUPER cute!

    I love your first one and the scarf- that’s just tooo cute ahhhhh! 😀
    hahaha this looks amazing! and yes, i remember everything you mentioned here….
    i agree, if i were there it would have been so fun caz we are excited about the same things i’m sure lol. except i’m not thaaat crazy about ron ^^?

    I can’t believe you were in Hogwarts. woooow. i’m really really jealous, and so happy you got to go nora!! thanks again for sharing this with me! it makes me so happy 🙂

    And you look gorgeous in these photos, as always =)

  2. 喜歡Harry Potter的朋友們啊,請頒給我〝最合作攝影師〞頭銜吧,媽媽我可是從頭到尾很配合的聽從Nora指揮,照這裡、拍那裡的哦!

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