【N】Twins FAQ; 雙胞胎最常被問到的問題!

So I remember writing a blog on the most frequently asked questions about being an international student (Click here), and I’ve also recently blogged about being a twin and my identity crisis during high school (Click here). Now, here are some questions that we, as twins, get asked all the time!

10. Have you girls ever fought over the same dress? 你們會搶衣服穿嗎?

Uh…duh? Especially when we were obnoxious middle and high schoolers. But we also hated to wear the same clothes.

9. Have your parents ever mixed up you two? 爸爸媽媽有把你們搞錯過嗎?

Sorry to disappoint you all, but no…my parents really don’t think we look alike! But sometimes they do get tricked when we call them on the phone 😛

8. Have you guys switched classes with each other to trick the teachers? Or have you guys cheated on exams for each other? 你們有偷偷換教室來整老師嗎?或者幫互相作弊?

We were helplessly goody-goody kids back in elementary school…plus we never thought we looked alike enough to trick people.

7. Where is your sister? SEATTLE!? Why are you guys so far away?

If you read my previous post, we never wanted to go to the same college (with good reasons). But it just happened that the school we chose were on the opposite sides of United States 😦 We didn’t do this on purpose! I love my sister and I wish I got to see her more often during college.

6. Are you guys identical or fraternal? 你們是同卵還是異卵?

Okay this is pathetic but we actually never got tested. We are really convinced that we are fraternal though.

5. Are you guys alike (in terms of personality)? 你們個性像嗎?

People expect us to have the same personality and hobbies…smh. And this is actually a hard question to answer! Lol. But no I don’t think we have similar characters. I think we are very different, though we do share some same interests.

4. Do you guys read each other’s mind? (and do you feel each other’s pain?)

No…we just know each other really well that we often speak the same thing at the same time. And no my arm doesn’t actually hurt when you pinch hers 😛

3. Who’s older? 你們誰是姊姊?

Me 🙂 Well, by two minutes!
(and a lot of times people laugh at the “two minutes”…I don’t know why)

2. Have you two ever liked the same guy? 你們喜歡上過同一個男生嗎?

This gets asked way too often haha. But no, never have and never will 😉 We have nothing against each other’s boyfriend, we just have different taste in men. 😛

1. ARE YOU GUYS TWINS!? 你們是雙胞胎嗎!?

…Yep. 😉

Really, we get asked all these questions more often than people think. But don’t worry I don’t actually get annoyed. (OK fine, sometimes I secretly roll my eyes)

And I found this hilarious video!!! Please take a look.

Oh, the life of being a twin 😛 Only actual twins would understand, haha. Sharon, please add on if I missed something! Or if you have a different answer 😉



6 thoughts on “【N】Twins FAQ; 雙胞胎最常被問到的問題!

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  2. 哎呀 這一篇早點寫嘛! 這樣我也可以寫一篇”雙胞胎媽媽最常被問到的10個問題",現在都有點忘光光了! 真懷念一手牽一個到處"現"的日子、、、

  3. I agree with everything you say here, but as for #8…
    You totally did let me copy your homework/showed me answer sheet when you guys had the same test/homework a day before our class (occasionally). HAHA….maybe that’s the reason why i got better grades than you.

    LOL JK. <333

    The other really weird question I sometimes get is
    "do you feel weird when you see her? It's like seeing yourself in front of you"
    I have no idea where this thought comes from caz…yea it's a weird question. – –
    I obviously know you're not me…. hahaha 😛

  4. Yep. my rwin sister and I were asked those questions all of our life. Though I could never imagine being away from her. We went to the same college. Our first jobs we always worked together. Though now with full time jobs we don’t work at the place. But we are connected all day through gmail. Haha. Our parents want us to move out. My sister has a boyfriend and I don’t but we still want to move out and live together. For me I guess she is my soul mate, trying to find someone who is at the exact same wave length as me would be impossible. We have a lot of the same ideas and morals about things and share a lot of the same interests.

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