【N】Bregenz Festival, Austria / 布雷根茲音樂節

Look! Isn’t this super cool? We went to Bregenz Festival last week, where they performed the Magic Flute opera on this floating stage, it was huge! And definitely very unique and creative 🙂 Dad had a day off from work because of “Assumption Day“, don’t ask me because I have no idea what the story is behind this holiday…

Since Munich is really close to the border, it only took us about 2 hours to drive to Bodensee. We spent a really chill afternoon there, walking around the old town, having some ice cream, eating dinner by the lake…etc, then headed to Bregenz Festival–our highlight of the day! 😀 We knew about this event because Dad’s colleague told him about it. Sometimes we really have to ask the locals where the fun is, not just those typical touristy spots 😉

Haha, as you can see, the picture above is me and Mom, excited for the show to start… this time we finally weren’t rushing to get to the festival. We made sure to leave Bodensee early enough to find parking. But there is actually a cruise specifically for the festival, they would pick you up at Bodensee/Lindau, and drop you directly by the floating stage. That way, you won’t need to find parking or walk a lot to find it…pretty awesome right? I wish we knew that earlier 😛 Oh but students!!!! Student has 75% discount or something awesome close 75%!!! Student tickets are limited though, so if any of your friends get the opportunity to see Bregenz Festival at some point, please remind them to get their tickets ASAP 😀

So for every summer, Bregenz Festival will put up an opera on a floating stage, I really love the set up! Even though I’ve seen pictures on line, when I saw the stage in real life, I still couldn’t help but gasped! How lively, how cute, how artistic! 🙂 For every two summer they would change the opera, and this summer they performed the Magic Flute. The music and singing were really great, and the characters were very cute, I just wish I knew German 😛 I did read the synopsis before I left, but not well enough to know exactly what they were singing about for the entire show 😛 I’m sure you’ve heard of this song though (also the only song I was familiar with in Magic Flute):

But whatever, it was an experience watching an opera outdoor, they not only danced and ran across the floating stage, they also used the lake as part of their performance 🙂 After seeing so many shows, this is definitely a unique one that shouldn’t be missed! 😉 大飽眼福~很享受!

I made a short clip of the Magic Flute with “road movies”…but I can’t upload it onto this blog for some reason 😦 ..help?


3 thoughts on “【N】Bregenz Festival, Austria / 布雷根茲音樂節

  1. did you upload the video onto your computer? Hmm, I can’t think of why you wouldn’t be able to upload it onto the blog 😦 perhaps you can try to put it on Youtube first then? I WANNA SEE IT!!

    And this performance really reminds me of the one we watched in Lijiang. I think it’s amazing when theater incorporates elements of nature and makes them part of the whole performance! I’m super jealous! It must have been a crazy fun experience. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 😀 hehehe

  2. 是嗎 姊姊還說那天我比她上鏡頭呢! 對啊 當初一聽說那是一個floating stage 就覺得一定要去看! 不過 時間太晚超想睡的說

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