【S】My thoughts on the Super Bowl ads

Last week, I finally convinced myself to watch the Super Bowl for the very first time. I was never a huge fan of football, but this time- I figured I had to join the bandwagon to support our own Seahawks team! 😉 It was super fun and to be honest, I love how the whole town celebrates together- it just feels so great seeing everyone so happy and so excited for the same thing. 🙂

Another thing I was really looking forward to was the Super Bowl ads. I mean…seriously, I learned about the big deal about Super Bowl in my marketing class (yes, I know this could be a shock to some of you and yes, this is a little embarrassing, but I had to admit it :P) Unfortunately though, I didn’t really get to watch a lot of ads during the game, because people were just too excited even during the commercials (very understandably so ;))! So I decided to go to the Chalk Talk event hosted by AAF Seattle with some of my colleagues and see what the experts had to say about this year’s Super Bowl ads. I was also curious because out of the ones I did see during the game (or online before the game), I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be.

Although thousands of people have already discussed the Super Bowl websites on the internet, and it’s been a week since Super Bowl…I thought I’d still chime in some of my personal opinions:) :

1. People have such different opinions (and I do admire people who dare to express their opinions instead of agreeing to what the “experts” say :))! It’s so difficult to define what a “good” ad is, especially in Super Bowl, where the ads are targeting almost all kinds of audience. Coming up with a Super Bowl ad really is more challenging than it seems…You probably want to target a certain market, but you have to be sure not to upset the others…Anyways, one of the ads that gets mixed reviews is Oikos’ commercial. I know it’s silly or even a little gross in some people’s opinion, but to be honest, I’m not a huge yogurt person and I’ve never heard of this brand- but now I might give it a try if I see it in the grocery store. It definitely caught my attention- Or maybe it’s just because it’s so much better than Chobani’s ad…Anyone with me? 😛

2. In my opinion, Super Bowl is the perfect time to air a “rebranding” commercial- because that’s when you get to reach a maximum of audience to deliver your message. This year, I think Radio Shack did a great job with this- and like Matt McCain (one of the panelists) said, “If you want to rebrand, you gotta admit you sucked”. And I think it’s admirable to “make fun of yourself”. Though Radio Shack is probably the last place I’d go buy anything, now I’m at least curious about what changes they are making. Next time, I might want to drop by just to see if it’s delivering its promise from the commercial. 🙂

3. I feel like more than half of the commercials were for cars. Serious competition & hard to stand out…Personally, I enjoyed Hyundai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense”. I’m just a huge sucker for anything dad/mom/family related, so this one touched me. Plus, for Hyundai to compete with all the more luxurious brands, I think it’s smart that they approached their ads differently and emphasized on their safety instead of appearance.

4. Visuals & Simplicity. Like I said, I had a hard time “focusing” on the ads because most of the time people are too pumped to care about the commercials. So, no one is going to notice or remember your ads if it’s too heavy or complicated (most of the time, I couldn’t hear anything from the commercial)…BUT, if you have a super super adorable puppy, how can anyone move their eyes away? I have to say this is my favorite just because it’s way too adorable (and I’m not even a dog person). And for a renown brand like Budweiser, so what if this didn’t get them more sales? People already love them- now they just have a even better brand image and it gets people talking- which is beneficial in the long run anyways. 

5. Microsoft’s “Empowering”. It’s powerful, touching, and reminds us that it’s not about technology- but about human connection. I think it’s beautifully made. Okay, am also a little bit biased since Wunderman trafficked the spot and made it happen. But still- you know you love this spot. 🙂 

Some of my hope for next year:

1. Crazier, and More Creative!

This year, none of the Super Bowl ads really  blew me away. Perhaps many companies are just playing it safe to not get into trouble. But we all want to see some creative, exciting ads that are more out of box! If you don’t go crazy during Super Bowl, where else would you do it?

2. Anticipation

This year, most (if not all) the Super Bowl ads were already online before the big game. While I believe this could be a good idea to catch people’s attention and get the conversation started, it kinda takes the excitement away. I actually like Go Daddy’s idea , in which they revealed the woman that quit her job during the actual spot, but only showed the first half online before the game. This way, it built up our anticipation without giving the whole ad away. I’m hoping to see something more like this (but with a better commercial I guess) next year.

3. Social Media/ Second Screen

I didn’t notice many impressive social media campaigns or commercials that involve “second screens”- which made me a little disappointed. Nowadays, people don’t just watch TV- they multitask with their phones or tablets too. A few companies, like DiGiorno, Tide, and JCPenney did have some interesting tweets or vine, and Esurance also had a pretty exciting hashtag…but I guess I hope to see more emphasis on social media next year- to me, that will be a lot more fun and interactive! 

How about you? Which one was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Anything you completely disagree with me?

Feel free to share your thoughts and join the discussion in a comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 😉 ❤


2 thoughts on “【S】My thoughts on the Super Bowl ads

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sharon :]
    This is really interesting to me especially I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I kept hearing that this year’s Super Bowl sucked and that the commercials weren’t that great…but again, people are generally critical right? 😛

    I think the yogurt one is actually really funny, and the puppy one doesn’t really relate to the brand (well, i guess it did say best “BUDs”) but it’s too cute! And I’m with you, anything family related touches me! haha

    I hope I’ll actually get to watch the super bowl with a group of friends next year, but again, it is still going to be during my busy season 😥

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