【S】Why We Find Ourselves Binge-Watch This Japanese Reality TV Show for Two Weekends


I’ve been feeling pretty lazy this weekend, so I thought I’d focus and write a post to feel more productive. (Although – I did do my taxes yesterday and went for a beautiful run this morning, so I should give myself kudos for that ;))

In my last post, I mentioned one of my goals this year is to be more intentional with my time spent outside of work. With all that being said, I probably haven’t been as “intentional” for the past 2 weeks (especially weekends – did I mention I felt pretty lazy this weekend?), and admittedly, one of the reasons is “Terrace House”, a Japanese Reality TV show on Netflix.


Source: Netflix

Ok, before I lose you here…hear me out for a couple of minutes. First of all, I’ve never written about a TV show before. But the fact that I’m spending time writing this out…you gotta know there’s something more to it.

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this show, I was skeptical. Even after half-watching and skipping through the first few episodes, I was still skeptical, and mentioned to Jimmy that I’d stop watching. But for some reason, I continued to click “Next Episode” to find out what would happen next…

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【S】hi there…it sure has been a while


Once in a while, I would come across this blog, and then get lost in nostalgia. I would come across the learnings I’ve shared on this blog from books or workshops, and then realized how relevant they still are in my life. I would come across my travel diaries, and then smiled at the memories that I have almost forgot about. I also remember how motivated I was when Nora and I started this blog together 5 years ago, since we wanted this to be a place where we can continue to share our lives with each other given we live on the opposite coasts.

Recently, a couple of things sparked my interests to start writing again…

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