【S】hi there…it sure has been a while


Once in a while, I would come across this blog, and then get lost in nostalgia. I would come across the learnings I’ve shared on this blog from books or workshops, and then realized how relevant they still are in my life. I would come across my travel diaries, and then smiled at the memories that I have almost forgot about. I also remember how motivated I was when Nora and I started this blog together 5 years ago, since we wanted this to be a place where we can continue to share our lives with each other given we live on the opposite coasts.

Recently, a couple of things sparked my interests to start writing again…

  1. Last month during my skype chat with the girls, Sophia mentioned how she loves writing and plans to get back to it when she starts her new life in Germany. Her courage reminded me of my passion for this blog many years ago.
  2. Every time I come across our travel journals here, I feel SO thankful that I wrote them so that I can relive those beautiful, detailed memories. No matter how important we think some of these memories are, it’s inevitable that with time, these memories start to fade…It still hurts a little when I think about how I failed to document many of my recent trips in Europe. Sure, I have pictures to look back to, but it’s different when I can read about the details in my own words.
  3. One of my goals this year is to be more purposeful with my time and life outside of work, and spend more time to learn and read about topics I’m interested in. I’ve been reading and listening to some very inspiring books and podcasts, and I still haven’t found a good way to document these learnings. Perhaps, having a blog would motivate me to organize my notes more coherently?

And honestly, I’m still a little unsure. It feels daunting to start again after so long, and what if I give up, again? I don’t like seeing our blog getting unorganized and sporadic…but then, isn’t anything better than nothing?  Ultimately, the goal of this blog is to share my life with my better half (and family and friends who continue to inspire and support me), and document my endearing memories.

Note to self: this post took less than half an hour from start to finish. Sometimes, it’s okay to just write, and not have a perfectly crafted message/writing/goal. At least, this will be my little oasis to decompress, and I know the future me will be happy to read these and be glad to read about these memories. 🙂

Interestingly, today is Super Bowl day. And the last post I wrote here is about the Super Bowl ads, in 2014. Let’s give it a shot!



2 thoughts on “【S】hi there…it sure has been a while

  1. Me too, Sharon! I’m super proud that we kept up with our blog writing (even though it was a short period of time), and I do re-visit this webpage from time to time… for example, the time when my friend asked about recommendations for Charleston, I ended up spending a lot of time scrolling through our travel posts… I suggest you write a post on NOLA in May/June 😀 ❤

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