【S】My thoughts on the Super Bowl ads

Last week, I finally convinced myself to watch the Super Bowl for the very first time. I was never a huge fan of football, but this time- I figured I had to join the bandwagon to support our own Seahawks team! 😉 It was super fun and to be honest, I love how the whole town celebrates together- it just feels so great seeing everyone so happy and so excited for the same thing. 🙂

Another thing I was really looking forward to was the Super Bowl ads. I mean…seriously, I learned about the big deal about Super Bowl in my marketing class (yes, I know this could be a shock to some of you and yes, this is a little embarrassing, but I had to admit it :P) Unfortunately though, I didn’t really get to watch a lot of ads during the game, because people were just too excited even during the commercials (very understandably so ;))! So I decided to go to the Chalk Talk event hosted by AAF Seattle with some of my colleagues and see what the experts had to say about this year’s Super Bowl ads. I was also curious because out of the ones I did see during the game (or online before the game), I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be.

Although thousands of people have already discussed the Super Bowl websites on the internet, and it’s been a week since Super Bowl…I thought I’d still chime in some of my personal opinions:) :

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【S】Summer in Seattle 2013

但是真的 今年夏天過得好快!一轉眼都快九月底了…
還記得 這個blog是在去年八月開始的呢 🙂

可能是美好的時間真的過得特別快吧!尤其是在Seattle, 我現在真的能完全體會為什麼大家會說
“In Seattle, people live for the summer.”
也難怪,西雅圖也是全美國公認在夏天最舒服的城市 🙂

平常天氣冷下雨會比較懶得出門,所以一不小心就miss out好多Seattle好玩和漂亮的地方!
但是夏天有好多活動 感覺很幾個週末都有try something new. 🙂
其實也不用真的做什麼 只要有太陽 出去走走心情都好好 ^^
兩個禮拜前比較特別 去了Seattle Art Museum, 但是大部分的時候 我更喜歡往外面跑~^^
哎 真的是住在西雅圖之後才那麼珍惜沒有下雨跟有太陽的天氣! 😛

Anyways, 這篇主要是recap一些我今年夏天的favorite experiences 🙂

1. Food Festivals: Bite of Seattle, Seattle Street Food Festival

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【S】Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion @ SAM

I’ve always enjoyed going to museums. No matter what type of exhibition I go to, I hardly ever feel disappointed. Most of the time, I leave the museum feeling inspired, satisfied, and even recharged. But somehow, I just don’t go as much as I wish I do- and there really is no excuse for it…Though I know that every time I do go, I wish I can go more. Hopefully this post will remind and encourage me to pay more visits to the nearby museums in the future. 🙂

In my opinion, you really don’t have to know art to appreciate art. The beauty of it is that you can interpret it in any way you’d like. Honestly, I’m not a connoisseur in any type of art- but that could partially be why I love museums so much- I always learn something new. I know this because I’ve written a few blog posts on the previous exhibitions that I’ve gone to- and most of the time I’m more inclined to write when I feel inspired. 😉 Perhaps I can consider sharing them again in this blog!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to finally seeing the “Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” exhibition in Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Although SAM is still incomparable to MoMA and MET in terms of the scale, I consider we Seattleites pretty blessed already! It’s easily accessible in downtown, and in the past we’ve had a few exhibitions featuring famous artists such as Picasso and Gauguin (I absolutely enjoyed them!) And this time, it is SAM’s first exhibit focusing entirely on fashion- how cool is that? 🙂

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【N】I ♥ Berlin 柏林四天三夜 (II)

Day 3

第三天一早我們就前往新國會大廈, 建築設計挺特別的, 外表看來是一頂透明圓頂, 內部卻長這樣:

書上說他好似龍卷風呢! 我們去之前還得先在網路上”預定”  雖然免費但不是當場要進去就可以進去的喔  因為每個時段都有固定人數  進去之後我們一圈一圈繞上去  有語音導覽 介紹附近的建築歷史以及新國會大廈的設計和各種環保措施  下圖則是柏林地標布蘭登堡門/Brandenburger Tor前的廣場

當天我們還去了Konditorei & Cafe G. Buchwald, 創立於1852年的老店, 以”年輪蛋糕” (baumkuchen) 聞名, 很好吃! 我喜歡甜點  但太甜的沒辦法接受  不過這個年輪蛋糕完全不會太甜膩  所以我大力推薦! 😀 外面是巧克力  裡面就是蛋糕啦~起初店員送過來的時候我還以為她給錯了呢! 之前不知道外面會有巧克力哈哈

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【N】Bregenz Festival, Austria / 布雷根茲音樂節

Look! Isn’t this super cool? We went to Bregenz Festival last week, where they performed the Magic Flute opera on this floating stage, it was huge! And definitely very unique and creative 🙂 Dad had a day off from work because of “Assumption Day“, don’t ask me because I have no idea what the story is behind this holiday…

Since Munich is really close to the border, it only took us about 2 hours to drive to Bodensee. We spent a really chill afternoon there, walking around the old town, having some ice cream, eating dinner by the lake…etc, then headed to Bregenz Festival–our highlight of the day! 😀 We knew about this event because Dad’s colleague told him about it. Sometimes we really have to ask the locals where the fun is, not just those typical touristy spots 😉

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【N】Twins FAQ; 雙胞胎最常被問到的問題!

So I remember writing a blog on the most frequently asked questions about being an international student (Click here), and I’ve also recently blogged about being a twin and my identity crisis during high school (Click here). Now, here are some questions that we, as twins, get asked all the time!

10. Have you girls ever fought over the same dress? 你們會搶衣服穿嗎?

Uh…duh? Especially when we were obnoxious middle and high schoolers. But we also hated to wear the same clothes.

9. Have your parents ever mixed up you two? 爸爸媽媽有把你們搞錯過嗎?

Sorry to disappoint you all, but no…my parents really don’t think we look alike! But sometimes they do get tricked when we call them on the phone 😛

8. Have you guys switched classes with each other to trick the teachers? Or have you guys cheated on exams for each other? 你們有偷偷換教室來整老師嗎?或者幫互相作弊?

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【N】Being a Twin…Identity Crisis?

Dear twin sister 🙂

How do you like being a twin? And how does it feel like being a twin? Haha, it must be weird getting this question from me! I was reading my old emails last night, and I came upon this email exchange between Dr. Joan Friedman and me, and it was like…I don’t know how to phrase it, but it felt like meeting a high school teenager who was torn between being so attached to her twin sister and desperately wanting to find  her own identity! And yes, that was me, back in high school! Honestly, I almost forgot about that identity crisis phase I was going through!

(Look at us! How old were we? Like 3?)

Dr. Joan Friedman is a twin expert, and I was very lucky to have found her on the internet. At the time, I was doing a project on twins for my Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class as part of the IB program. I wanted to find out how society’s perspective on twins affected me as a twin. I had finished my research on the nature science part about the link between genes and personalities, and I wanted to learn more about the human science/psychology area, so that’s when I reached out to Dr. Friedman. She helped me a lot with my project and we kept in touch by emails.

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【S】Cherry Blossom @ University of Washington ❀

I’m a little (or not a little…) late on this, but I still wanted to share because the photos are so beautiful. ; )


Every year around late March to early April, I always sense the strongest school spirit and pride- everyone keeps talking about how beautiful our campus is and how proud and lucky we are as huskies. And even after 4 years here, this is still the time of the year that I look forward to the most. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the cherry blossoms…

I still remember when I first got a brochure from UW during junior year in high school, the three things that immediately caught my attention were 1. the “Harry Potter Library” (aka Suzzallo), 2. the view of Mount Rainer on a sunny day, and 3. the Quad, full of cherry blossoms. So ever since my freshman year, I had been looking forward to seeing them with my own eyes, and till this day, I still brag about it to my friends and family, haha.

If you’re a UW student and haven’t got a chance to take great pictures (which isn’t the rarest  because it’s sometimes during the time of finals/spring break, and it’s not always the easiest to get the best pictures because of timing/weather), don’t wait until it’s too late (that’s why I was so determined this year :P). And if you are thinking of visiting Seattle, this is also something that you’d never want to miss. 🙂

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