【N】I ♥ Berlin 柏林四天三夜 (II)

Day 3

第三天一早我們就前往新國會大廈, 建築設計挺特別的, 外表看來是一頂透明圓頂, 內部卻長這樣:

書上說他好似龍卷風呢! 我們去之前還得先在網路上”預定”  雖然免費但不是當場要進去就可以進去的喔  因為每個時段都有固定人數  進去之後我們一圈一圈繞上去  有語音導覽 介紹附近的建築歷史以及新國會大廈的設計和各種環保措施  下圖則是柏林地標布蘭登堡門/Brandenburger Tor前的廣場

當天我們還去了Konditorei & Cafe G. Buchwald, 創立於1852年的老店, 以”年輪蛋糕” (baumkuchen) 聞名, 很好吃! 我喜歡甜點  但太甜的沒辦法接受  不過這個年輪蛋糕完全不會太甜膩  所以我大力推薦! 😀 外面是巧克力  裡面就是蛋糕啦~起初店員送過來的時候我還以為她給錯了呢! 之前不知道外面會有巧克力哈哈

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【N】I ♥ Berlin 柏林四天三夜 (I)

說真的, 原本我對柏林沒什麼興趣,想說它離慕尼黑沒有很近, 不如去法國或義大利玩! 在去柏林之前, 對它的印象只有”柏林圍牆“和”德國的首都“, 不過去了之後, 真的沒有後悔喔~可惜的是, 爸爸要上班, 五六月來美國參加我們兩個的畢業典禮就讓他把假幾乎都用完了! 所以希望你有機會來德國的時候, 可以和爸爸一起去遊柏林~ 😉

上方的圖是柏林熊, 熊是柏林的市徽, 在柏林市區的許多角落你都會看到各式裝扮的柏林熊在向你打招呼! 柏林這個地名, 就是從德文中的小熊(Barlein)衍生而來的喔! 你不覺得他的姿勢很像要索取抱抱嗎? 超可愛的~ 😀 這次在柏林就看到好多, 還看到母的耶! 不過她長得有點怪怪的, 沒有其它的可愛 😛 (下圖)
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【N】Bregenz Festival, Austria / 布雷根茲音樂節

Look! Isn’t this super cool? We went to Bregenz Festival last week, where they performed the Magic Flute opera on this floating stage, it was huge! And definitely very unique and creative 🙂 Dad had a day off from work because of “Assumption Day“, don’t ask me because I have no idea what the story is behind this holiday…

Since Munich is really close to the border, it only took us about 2 hours to drive to Bodensee. We spent a really chill afternoon there, walking around the old town, having some ice cream, eating dinner by the lake…etc, then headed to Bregenz Festival–our highlight of the day! 😀 We knew about this event because Dad’s colleague told him about it. Sometimes we really have to ask the locals where the fun is, not just those typical touristy spots 😉

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【N】2013.07.30 Harry Potter Studio Tour

What comes in your mind when you hear “London” or “England“? Tea? The Big Ben? And maybe their sexy accent? Well, for me, it’s all of the above and Harry Potter!

When Mom mentioned that we were going to London, I was super pumped and I started asking around and researching online to see where I had to visit other than the obvious landmarks. After browsing through some other people’s travel blogs online (btw, I think reading other travelers’ blogs is a great way to start any trip planning-super helpful!), I randomly googled “Harry Potter London”, then I came across this article about the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It talks about how you get to see Diagon Alley in real life and to learn about the special effects shown in the movie series. And I was like, how can I miss the chance to go behind-the-scenes!? And I have to say, it didn’t disappoint me at all. I enjoyed every single minute there!!! 


Yay! Off to Hogwarts! 😀 Haha jk, this was at King’s Cross Station in London.

For those of you who might be interested in going, make sure to book the tickets online in advance, because they don’t sell the tickets at the studio (Buy here–>http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/) I booked the tickets about a week before I left to London, and there was only one time slot left before mid-August!
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【N】Finally, London

Hi Sharon!!

While you are busy at work and slacking on blogs, I finally made it to LONDON! 😀 I’m so glad to finally get a chance to visit your favorite city…Of course, I’m sure it was really special for Dad and Mom, since they went there 20 years ago ❤ (Without us…Remember we asked them to bring back a music box from England and that never happened? :P) Hehe look at my super touristy photo by the telephone booth!

We were in London for 5 days, and I think that’s just about perfect. I have to be honest, London didn’t top Paris and Aix-en-Provence in my opinion, but it’s definitely a big and modern city full of history. I guess I loved Paris so much because though it is “city of lights” and has so much to offer during day and night, it’s also surrounded by arts…very classical and romantic, more slow-paced than other big cities that I’ve been to 🙂 I’m not that saying London is not, but I can totally see why you loved London so much! It’s a perfect spot for a city girl right? 😛 Hehe. Nonetheless, I was still really excited when I saw the Big Ben…And before I start rambling on, I just wanna say that…regardless of whether London will be on the top of my list to revisit in the future, this place did fulfill my three little dreams: A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Manet, Harry Potter Studio Tour, and Les Miserables… ❤ I feel so blessed!!! Thank you, London!!!
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【N】雙胞胎媽媽遊記 :) 新天鵝堡 Schloss Neuschwanstein

我和馬麻第二天終於去到了新天鵝堡! 去之前  有朋友跟我說覺得新天鵝堡”overrated”  姑姑也說去的時候人好多  我想到要去那種超多遊客的人  其實還是有點頭疼呢! 不過去了之後真的沒有失望 新天鵝堡真的好美  像灰姑娘的城堡一樣  沒有看過比它更浪漫更純潔的城堡了 🙂  在瑪麗安橋上看到的新天鵝堡好近  而且由於城堡旁邊都是樹叢和河流  就那麼一座城堡在小丘(小山?)上  更有那種仙境般的感覺 😛 我和媽媽照超多相片的  希望可以留下至少一張經典照囉~ 每個女孩心中可不都是有一座像這樣的白城堡呢? 相信每個去過新天鵝堡的女生  都是在心中再度加深對未來的憧憬 :’)



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【N】雙胞胎媽媽遊記 :) 歐博阿瑪高 Oberammergau 童話溼壁畫


不好意思喔  有點懶  而且最近忙著計畫倫敦遊  所以想說直接和你分享媽媽寫的遊記!嘿嘿…我有先經過他同意才放上來的啦! 這次是我和媽媽第一次單獨的兩天一夜小旅行呢  很開心終於是我帶他出來玩了  爸爸不在的那幾天  我都是他的私人司機喔! 😉 我很喜歡我們第一天去的小鎮  很多旅館房子外面都有可愛的濕壁畫  看到小紅帽的時候真的覺得超驚喜! 也有很多可愛的小店  賣木雕品和聖誕裝飾品的很多~

Look! 你最喜歡的貓頭鷹…





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【N】慕尼黑 Munich & 騎士秀 Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (2/2)

Hi Sharon!

I have to say my second day with Gem and Sophie was full of yummy food! 😀 (But the highlight IS the knights tournament *KALTENBERGER RITTERTURNIER*, read on to find out more! Haha) First, we came back to Munich city center and shopped around Viktualienmarkt, a daily food market right by Marienplatz. I had them try some sausages at the store where I first visited with Mom and cousin a couple weeks ago, and oh, of course a mug of white beer is a must! Gem kept saying how she was so content 🙂 You have to come here soon to try some real German food, Sharon!

P.S. How do you like my new necklace? Gem got it for me from Barcelona 🙂

The picture below was actually taken when I went there with Mom. My favorite weiss wursts (white sausages) with that sweet mustard sauce!

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