【S】Recipe: Alice’s Stew ♥

This might sound cheesy, but I just want to make a confession-

As I’ve said to many people, one of my favorite things about my job is the people I work with. And out of all these amazing people, Alice, who works on the same team as I do, has become one of my really close friends. This is something I didn’t expect, but feel so lucky and blessed to have- a colleague that I can call a good friend. 🙂

Anyways, so she knows I’m kind of…a rookie in the kitchen. So after I commented on how good her lunch smells, she typed out her recipe for me- To be honest, I was so touched when I saw this email at work. And I gotta say this is the most humorous recipe I’ve ever seen…I mean, how many times have you laughed reading a recipe? 😛

This recipe is easy, relatively fast, and really delicious (I’ve got my roommates’ approval ;))! I really love this recipe and the way Alice wrote it, so I asked for her permission to share it on my blog- Thank you Alice!! 😀 ❤ 

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【S】Xmas 2012 .☆ *. * * ☆


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【S】Thanksgiving I: Turkey and Shopping

Dear Nora,

Your Thanksgiving Holiday seems like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I had never gone to a traditional Thanksgiving fest with an American family (it’s more like a shopping spree for me?)…First year, friend visited (and we shopped). Second year, shopping at the outlet in Seattle. Third year, in Spain. This year, I finally had an amazing Thanksgiving meal (at Pan’s Godmother’), and shopping in Oregon!!!


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【N】My 4th Thanksgiving

Hello sis,

最近你很忙吧  你都沒寫網誌  再偷懶喔!  現在還在放假  明天我們的感恩假期就正式結束了! 對於感恩節的由來  你清楚嗎? 我只知道  是每年十一月的第四個星期四  大學星期三下午就放假了  歷史我其實問過室友他們  記得是跟當時的清教徒和印地安人有關  是清教徒很幾年前為了感謝印地安人幫助而邀請他們來參加一個慶典之類的…總之…感恩節是很多美國人最喜歡的節慶  因為可以吃好多 (yummy!!)  而且也是家人親戚大團圓的時候~

記得大學第一年  一生中第一個感恩節是在Connecticut 去室友Keren家  第二年因為學期前兩個月都過得太瘋狂  所以乖乖留在Binghamton  不過被邀請到ISSS我老闆家過  第三年去紐約市找SAS朋友們看感恩節遊行然後Mike陪我逛街  今年呢 我去了另一個最好朋友/housemate Katie的家~ 這次已經是我第三還是第四次去她家囉  他家離Binghamton開車不到一小時  我特別喜歡去那裏  感覺就很放鬆  只不過我在那邊收不到訊號 😛 這是Katie外公外婆家的客廳:

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【N】French Toast for Breakfast!!

Dear Sharon,

Good Morning! Guess what? I finally tried making French toast this morning–remember Mom taught us like…a year ago? lol

In case if you don’t remember the steps (since I know both of us suck at anything cooking-related…:P), I took a few photos while making French toast today 🙂

First off, all you need is: eggs, milk, toasts, and syrup! (obviously a pan and oil too…) Since I don’t have a lot of ingredients at home, this is a perfect breakfast option for me.

Step 1: beat one egg (for 1~2 pieces of toast) and pour it in a plate, add some milk, then dip the toast 🙂 (you can just dip one side if you’d like)

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