【S】Starting from the Bottom

As mentioned in my recent post, one of my goals this year is to be more purposeful with my time and life outside of work, and spend more time to learn, read, and write about the topics I’m interested in. Recently, I came across some learning opportunities that address how we can pivot our mindset at work (especially as junior members on the team) to help us succeed–and feel happier.


One challenge that I sometimes face at work is how to feel motivated, accomplished and valued, when I work with people who are evidently more experienced than I am. Most of the time, I feel grateful and inspired to work with many smart individuals (this might sound silly, sometimes I even feel my eye light up just observing how brilliant some of my co-workers are…). But I have to admit, it does get to me sometimes and makes me doubt myself. The below tips are inspiring to me, and I’d like to continue to remind myself throughout my career:

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【S】Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! =)))))

First of all, I know I’ve abandoned this blog for too long. It’s been more than a month since either of us wrote.

I guess too much has happened in the past one month, and both of us have been busy with work…but now I finally feel like I have my life back on track, and have so many new and exciting plans (which I shared with Nora on Skype today)! More on this later. 😉

But today, I want to finish my post on Lean In (as promised in my last post). Since Nora has started this book recently, I thought I’d share some of my favorite takeaways. It may not be super organized as they are just my personal notes, but if you like what you’re seeing in this post, I would strongly recommend you to read through it. 🙂 Of course, if there are any points that you find interesting but need clarification, feel free to ask me more. 🙂

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【S】Conversation Lunch with Howard Behar and Scott Armstrong

Almost every quarter, 12 CISB (Certificate of International Studies in Business) students get an opportunity to talk with executives who work in the international business field in an intimate setting, called “Conversation with Global Business Leaders”. This opportunity was set up by Howard Behar, the former president of Starbucks Coffee Company International; where he would bring different executive to talk with us for an hour, and I always get so much out of it. I think this was the third time I participated, and I have to say it is part of my favorite experience in CISB. 🙂 Continue reading

【S】International Business Career Panel

One of the perks of being part of the CISB program is being able to meet and hear from successful businessmen and businesswomen, who have careers in international business– a career that many of us aspire to have in our future. It is always inspiring to listen to their stories and advice, and what I love the most about it is that sometimes, there would be this one advice that stays in your head and motivates you to work harder and fight for your dream.

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