【S】My thoughts on the Super Bowl ads

Last week, I finally convinced myself to watch the Super Bowl for the very first time. I was never a huge fan of football, but this time- I figured I had to join the bandwagon to support our own Seahawks team! 😉 It was super fun and to be honest, I love how the whole town celebrates together- it just feels so great seeing everyone so happy and so excited for the same thing. 🙂

Another thing I was really looking forward to was the Super Bowl ads. I mean…seriously, I learned about the big deal about Super Bowl in my marketing class (yes, I know this could be a shock to some of you and yes, this is a little embarrassing, but I had to admit it :P) Unfortunately though, I didn’t really get to watch a lot of ads during the game, because people were just too excited even during the commercials (very understandably so ;))! So I decided to go to the Chalk Talk event hosted by AAF Seattle with some of my colleagues and see what the experts had to say about this year’s Super Bowl ads. I was also curious because out of the ones I did see during the game (or online before the game), I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be.

Although thousands of people have already discussed the Super Bowl websites on the internet, and it’s been a week since Super Bowl…I thought I’d still chime in some of my personal opinions:) :

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【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [2/2]

Hello Sharon,

Hope you enjoyed my last blog post about downtown Charleston 🙂 Do you think that’s somewhere you would want to visit one day? Anyway, I gotta say my favorite part of the trip was the Middleton Place, where we spent hours on the second day.

Middleton Place is a huge and beautiful plantation built in several phases throughout the 18th and 19th century, and many of the Middleton family played important roles in the colonial history of South Carolina. Of course they were extremely wealthy, and had enormous amount of slaves to work for them–it must have been difficult to manage such a huge plantation! It’s hard to describe to you my feelings for this place…I just know that I could stay there all day long. I think that’s why I love the nature, I get so touched by its power and its beauty…it makes me feel like all my personal problems are not as big of a deal as what I thought they would be…Anyways, one of my favorite spots was the Butterfly Lake (the picture below), so serene and peaceful 🙂


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【N】My Ideal Spring Break Vacation–Charleston, SC [1/2]

Hi, Sharon!

So…I guess it’s about time to share my spring break vacation with you 😉 I would say I had a pretty atypical spring break for a “college student”. You know, no crazy drinking until 3 AM, or getting sunburn from laying on the beach all day. Honestly, I was deciding between Hawaii and Cancun in the beginning, all I wanted was somewhere warm and relaxing…until my housemate Keren mentioned Charleston, and I’m so glad I took her advice 😀

Mike and I had 3 full days in Charleston, so let me walk you through? :] I gotta admit that i’m pretty proud of myself for making my own itinerary…hehe I worked hard on it!

Day 1Downtown Charleston


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【S】Xmas 2012 .☆ *. * * ☆


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Sooo, as I’m writing this blog article, I realized by the time you read this it’s probably not Halloween anymore (not to mention the US is already half a day later than Asia…). I should have written this earlier, especially we know how time sensitive it is in the internet world. But I really have some things that I’d like to share, and I thought, if I don’t write this article I’ll have to wait for another year. So…I hope this is still interesting even though it may be a little late. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!

First of all, my Halloween! I dressed up as a prisoner last weekend, along with V as a police officer! So I call myself a prisoner of love. Haha. Because there is nowhere else I’d rather be than to be with him.

Okay…I know I just sort of made that up, and this costume really isn’t the most creative one. But it is the first time we celebrate Halloween together as a couple, so I still think it’s pretty cute. 🙂 V also helped me staple (yea staple…not sew, haha) my costume, because it was just way too loose on me.

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