【S】Home, after 5 years | Taiwan, March 2017

Where do I even begin? I know I tend to say this after every trip, but my recent trip back to Taiwan was truly one of the best. Maybe there wasn’t the excitement of seeing the panoramic volcanic view in Santorini, being surrounded by fairy-tale castles in Prague, or sipping (chugging?) mezcal on a beach in Tulum, this trip left me feeling more centered – I might even say, it helped clarify some questions I’ve been pondering on and is guiding me towards a direction I want to go for my near future.

Sounds unreal? I would argue that’s the power of being “home”. As a TCK (Third Culture Kid, a term used to refer to people raised in a culture other than their parents’ for a significant part of their life) who has lived in various countries and attended schools with people from 50+ different countries, for the longest time I have come to accept that “where are you from” is not an easy question to answer and that I won’t feel 100% fit-in in any culture. Although this sentiment still rings true (for which I feel grateful for and it has hugely shaped who I am today), I can confidently say that I feel much closer to and proud of my Taiwanese heritage. After all, this is where I was born and spent all my childhood years in.

My hopes and dreams for the future as a kindergarten graduate (on slide 3) is seriously everything. 😂 May I always find simple happiness and be fearlessly confident👻… And thank you Nora, for always being by my side. 👯🎂🎉🎈. . "I hope I will remember my teachers and classmates. I want to be "elevator lady". (Pretty ladies who greet and help press floor buttons in elevators in department stores…very ambitious, I know. And yes, that's a profession in Taiwan.) I hope I can be as beautiful as now when I grow up. I hope I will be lively and cute forever. I hope I can be teacher. I don't want to be sick ever. And I hope I won't get married and won't grow up!" . . #26 #birthdaywishes #yearbook #downthememorylane #childhooddream

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Anyways, I guess I can go on and on about how touched or enlightened I’ve felt on this trip, but for the most part, this trip was so endearing because I got to visit places I frequented as a kid, eat food that brought back my childhood memories, and look through piles of albums that mom neatly created and organized throughout the years.

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【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❼Other than Eating…

So other than eating (88%), we still did some sight-seeing (12%). Here comes my 12% ☞

  1. 綠色隧道 Mangrove Green River

Well, pictures first 🙂 ►

I guess we really didn’t plan our time well this time, we got on the boat at 11:30am, the hottest hour during a day…let alone how hot Tainan already is. So while there are quite many interesting creatures/plants in such an unique habitat here, I really didn’t pay much attention to our guide. Because- my back and feet were burning (I wore a maxi dress and sandals that day).  Continue reading

【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❻Living like the Local: Old House Inn 謝宅 [pt.2]

(This is Pt 2 of my entry on “Old House Inn”. Please read Part I first for the complete series if you’re interested :))

  • Our Room on the Top Floor

Welcome to our room 😀

A closer look~

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【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❺Living like the Local: Old House Inn 謝宅 [pt.1]

Finally! Now I get to write about 謝宅, directly translated as “Hsieh’s House”, but they also have a fitting English name, Old House Inn. I’m excited about this post because living in Old House Inn was one of my favorite experiences during this trip! (so yea, sorry this post would be a little long…)

I was going to start with what I like and dislike about this place and go from there, but I honestly can’t come up with any cons except for some little things. So, I guess I’ll just start with why I like Old House Inn so much.


My House for a Day

One reason I love so much about Old House Inn is that, it really makes me feel like the “owner” of the house for a day. Continue reading

【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❹Living like the Local: Your Fun Apartment 有方公寓

I always like to choose “B&Bs” instead of hotels when I travel, especially in Taiwan—there are so many unique B&Bs that make you feel like you can actually live like a “local” for a few days (and isn’t that part of the purpose of traveling?).

Plus, compared to hotels, B&Bs are much more personal, and the hosts always make you feel both cordially welcomed as a guest and warm enough as if it’s your own house. After all, chain hotels are more or less the same around the world, but these B&Bs are one and only—and a lot of times they are more comfortable and beautiful than hotels too!

For the first night, we chose 有方公寓(Your Fun Apartment). Originally, this was just an old house in a tiny alley, but was redesigned into a B&B apartment few years ago. The interior design is sort of a mix between Taiwanese Old House and French style, and apparently many decorations came straight from the second hand markets in France. (So…Nora I’m sure you would be fond of this place :P) Continue reading

【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❷food paradise之冰淇淋篇


Anyways, it’s ice cream time! 。◕‿◕。

  1. 蜷尾家甘味處,散步甜食】:(杏仁)冰淇淋

首先要講的是最近一年左右很有名的散步甜食!當初知道是從小學同學的Facebook看到,覺得這家店也太日式太可愛了吧!問了她之後上網查,才發現是大名鼎鼎的日式霜淇淋♥ ♥ ♥ (照片可以點進去比較清楚哦)

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【S】✸Sunshine Tainan→❶food paradise之正餐/小吃篇

Dear Nora,

從【台南】回來了!這是我第一次的台南行,也是自己從做research開始,安排的美好小旅行!只能說,台南給我很大的驚喜,這次玩得很盡興,也知道一定會再回來的:)!我真的很熱愛planning trips,尤其是當一個旅行結束後,覺得還挺有成就感的…也會覺得這次的旅行玩得更有意義。

嗯…雖然說玩得很盡興,但其實主要是在吃啦!還有就是享受我住的民宿。你知道,Tainan is known as a food paradise,而且台南夏天的烈日…根本是用【燒】的來曬我們的皮膚!所以,也沒那麼大的興緻去看古蹟啊什麼的。

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